Zoku believes that amazing things happen when people come together. Zoku’s meeting- and event spaces have been designed to fuel connections, spark ideas and drive productivity. The spaces are flooded with natural light and enjoy an amazing view over the city. Here, Zoku does everything to facilitate the most creative and efficient meeting, with plenty of whiteboards to doodle onto and lightning-fast Wi-Fi.

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From parties to conferences, our Event Space gives you a cozy atmosphere and stunning views.

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Brainstorm, connect or hit that deadline together, it's more fun and more fulfilling in our meeting spaces.



Your private home-office away from the home-office to give you the peace and quiet you deserve.


Multiple-day conference? Industry talk? Launch party? Midnight Yoga class? Bingo? Bingo! We’ve got the perfect Event Space for you.

Excited to come rent the Zoku spaces for the day? Just let us know a few details about your event below, and we’ll follow-up directly to discuss a tailor made booking for you.

110 m2 (combined) / 45 m2 (split)   •   1-30 people

Meeting Rooms

So many options

More than just regular meeting rooms, our spaces have been spiced up with a variety of dynamic designs. All rooms are equipped with the necessary tools and options for teams to work together with maximum concentration. Our goal is to inspire, nudge creativity and facilitate progress. Naturally, at the base of that all is a free, stable Wi-Fi connection.

Wondering what meeting rooms we offer? Scroll down to check out our full list below!

Explore Our Meeting Rooms

Work is not a Job Room

A round table setting with lots of daylight, a breathtaking view and plenty of room to doodle onto the large whiteboard wall that’s inside: all you need for a crunch time meeting.

  • 15 m2
  • 6 people

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Not a Bored Room

No frills, no mere boardroom. A productivity den perfect for group brainstorming sessions and small presentations, to hit that deadline just in time and get a lot of work done.

  • 30 m2
  • 12 people

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Game Room

Enjoy a more informal setting while leaning back on the comfiest of couches while hosting a small group meeting, facilitating interviews or getting creative prototyping your next big idea onto our LEGO walls.

  • 18 m2
  • 8 - 10 people

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Private Workloft

Get a Private WorkLoft

After spending a lot of time working from home, you might crave a change of scenery and a safe and private place to get some work done. That’s why we’re introducing WorkLofts: your ideal home-office away from home.

What’s included? Book a day, week, or even month in a WorkLoft that includes:

  • A spacious work table with a comfortable chair, WIFI, and plenty of office amenities.
  • Coffee, tea, and water at your disposal right inside your room – with the option to order any drink from our upstairs bar.
  • The chance to work in a calm and focused environment with plenty of daylight, fresh air, and privacy for any confidential phone calls or business meetings.
  • Safe and clean environment away from others, with 24/7 staff available and regular deep cleanings included.

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