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The following Terms & Conditions apply to any reservation agreement or service agreement concluded with one of the following entities: Zoku Amsterdam B.V., Zoku Copenhagen ApS, Zoku Vienna GmbH and Hotel N2 SAS, Zoku Paris (hereafter referred as “Zoku”), the person or organization making the booking and all guests staying at Zoku, this includes any reservation made for lofts, event spaces and meeting rooms. Any contract party of Zoku (in the widest sense) is hereinafter referred to as “Client”.


Please note that different terms and conditions may apply in relation to online bookings via and affiliated websites, depending on the accommodation or rate type selected. Please carefully read the accommodation rate details that are provided before you make your booking. You are advised to check thoroughly the rate details before making your online reservation. Zoku is not responsible for tax changes implemented by local authorities. Changes in local taxes might affect the total price of your booking. This agreement governs bookings both made by telephone and online.

At Zoku we maintain the following rate types:

Hotel Stay Rate: 0 – 4 nights

Short Stay Rate: 5 – 27 nights

Long Stay Rate: 28+ nights

Valid credit card details are requested when making a booking in order to guarantee your reservation.

Hotel Stay Rate (0 – 4 nights)

  • No prior deposit is required for regular hotel stays; these are payable upon arrival/check-in.
  • A non-refundable rate will be fully charged at time of booking.

Short Stay Rate (5 – 27 nights)

  • A deposit of 25% of the total reservation will be charged 3 days prior to your arrival. If you book less than 3 days in advance, the deposit is charged upon booking your reservation. The remainder of the balance is payable upon arrival/check-in. We make an exception for reservations of 5 or 6 nights, which do not require a deposit payment and full payment is paid upon arrival.

Long Stay Rate (28+ nights)

  • A deposit of 25% of the first 30 nights will be charged 7 days prior to your arrival. If you book less than 7 days in advance, this deposit is charged upon booking. The remainder of the balance of your first month is payable upon arrival/check-in.
  • Staying multiple months? The monthly rate (or part thereof) is automatically charged 2 days prior to the start of the next monthly period.


Valid credit card details are asked as a security deposit during your stay, so you can charge costs to your room account. You might be requested to pay a security deposit upon arrival of maximum €250 per stay.

Zoku accepts all major credit cards online and at Zoku:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • Diners Club
  • American Express
  • JCB
  • Debit card
  • iDeal


Depending on the property, you are also able to pay in cash or with debit card.

Hotel Rates (0 – 6 nights)

Flexible booking (Pay Later, Stay Flex)

  • Up to 24 hours before local check-in time, you can cancel or alter your booking free of charge.
  • Cancellations & alterations less than 24 hours prior to arrival or no show – the first night will be charged.


Short Stay Rate (7 – 27 nights)

Flexible booking (Pay Later, Stay Flex)

  • Cancellations and alterations up to 3 days prior to local check-in time – free of charge.
  • No show or cancellations between 3 days and your arrival – your paid deposit of 25% will be handled as no show or late cancellation fee.
  • Alterations between 3 days and your arrival are subject to availability and can only be processed directly through our reservations team.


Long Stay Rate (28+ nights)

Flexible booking (Pay Later, Stay Flex)

  • Cancellations and alterations up to 7 days prior to local check-in time – free of charge.
  • No show or cancellations between 7 days and your arrival– your paid deposit of 25% will be handled as a no show or late cancellation fee.
  • Alterations between 7 days and your arrival are subject to availability and can only be processed directly through our reservations team.


Further rules that may apply;

  • Non-refundable reservations cannot be altered or cancelled.
  • Reservations made directly with Zoku (online, phone etc) can be altered and cancelled via your own online login. When a room has been pre-paid or a deposit has been provided, please contact Zoku directly via phone or e-mail for any amendments.
  • For changes regarding reservations not made directly with Zoku – please use the alteration options of the channel/company used making your original booking.
  • Please note: Changes in date or number of nights can lead to different rates and are subject to availability.
  • To be sure what rules apply to your booking, login to your personal Zoku account.


Special request? You can always check with our Reservations Team, reach them on

Hotel Rate (0 – 4 nights)

  • A booking of 10+ Zoku Lofts is considered a group booking.


Short Stay Rate and Long Stay Rate (5+ nights)

  • A booking of 5+ Zoku Lofts is considered a group booking


For group rates and bookings, contact Zoku directly at +31 20 811 28 11 or send an RFP via our website. Please note: Group bookings can only be made via the Reservations Team due to the fact that different terms & conditions and rates apply for Group bookings.

We guarantee that your room will be ready at 15:00PM on the day of arrival.

Arriving early? No problem. You can freshen up in our Changing room and safely store your luggage in one of our spacious lockers.

If you’re leaving Zoku, our checkout time is 11:00AM. If you wish to stay longer, ask a friendly Sidekick for late checkout options.

All incidental charges must be settled upon checkout. You can use your credit card provided upon check-in or use another desired method of payment.

Pets are allowed at Zoku under certain conditions and subject to explicit confirmation of the Reservation team which can be provided after an executed “Pawlicy”. Please get in touch before your stay if you’d like to know more.

As per law, it is not allowed to smoke inside public areas and guests are therefore not allowed to smoke (including e-cigarettes) inside Zoku,. But don’t worry: we do have a lovely roof terrace where smoking is allowed. We have to charge a minimum deep-clean fee of €250 if you smoke inside Zoku.

  • Because Zoku will be your second home, you will likely bring personal belongings to the public areas. We will do our best to keep an eye on them. However, we would like to stress that Zoku is not responsible for any damage or loss to goods or personal belongings occurring inside Zoku or its premises
  • A safe is provided in all Zoku Lofts to store personal items. Zoku cannot be held liable for any items taken from the safe. For larger items you can rent one of our larger lockers – also here, Zoku cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of any goods.
  • Zoku cannot be held liable for direct and/or indirect damage as a consequence of your or the Client’s use of the Zoku Lofts and public areas, including and without limitation, damages, and losses because of fire, robbery or criminal behavior.
  • Zoku cannot be held liable for injury to a person, loss of, or damage to any property of any person staying/visiting Zoku.
  • Zoku cannot be held liable for any damages caused by third parties in the widest sense.
  • The person booking the reservation is responsible for any direct and indirect damage of the Zoku Lofts and public areas and loss of any of its contents due to the fault of that person.
  • We expect everyone staying at Zoku to take all reasonable care of Zoku premises. Please report any damage, loss or improper cleanliness of your loft, as we want to fix it as soon as possible to make you feel right at home. In addition, this will prevent you from being held responsible for any damage or loss during or after your stay.
  • In the case of leaving your loft or any other area on Zoku premises with any damage, missing of items or heavy pollution, Zoku has the right to charge your credit card provided at check-in or booking for the associated costs and or damage.
  • Your personal details are safe with us. We will remember your details for when you come back. Credit card details are only stored encrypted.
  • In any case when false or misleading personal information is deliberately provided, Zoku reserves the right to cancel the reservation and hold you responsible for any costs that may arise due to the false or misleading provision of information.

As Zoku is a home-office hybrid, we are not ideal for children. If you’d like to learn about our location-specific child policies, check out our FAQ.

Our Lofts are made to create individual and inspiring homes. The Lofts are not suitable for more than 2 adults. As we only have king size beds in our Lofts, we advise only couples or very familiar friends to share.

If you’d like to learn about our location-specific room occupancies, check out our  FAQ.

We want everyone to feel at home at Zoku. And just like every home, we do have some house rules…

  • We would like to stress that drug use, possession and selling of any kind is strictly prohibited in and around Zoku premises.
  • Criminal behavior is not tolerated in any part of Zoku or its premises. It’s your second home, so treat it that way.
  • Please use the lofts and public areas responsibly and look after your Neighbours, both inside and outside the Zoku premises. (No excessive noise after 22:00 PM)


Below terms and conditions are solely applicable to group reservations and are supplementary to the above terms and conditions.

The Client shall take out and maintain a general liability insurance, with a reputable insurance company (credit rating with minimal an A status provided by a nationally recognized statistical rating organization) during the term of this agreement covering; the company’s employees’ liability occupying the Zoku premises with a minimum value of 5 million per year per claim per year. On request, the Client shall provide Zoku with a copy of the applicable insurance policies.

Except to the proportionate extent of any negligence on the part of Zoku, Client agrees to indemnify and hold Zoku, its Landlord, its Affiliates and their directors, officers, shareholders, employees and agents, harmless from and against any claims, suits, losses, liabilities, injuries or damages (including, without limitation, reasonable legal fees and litigation expenses) (collectively, “Claims”) which are not covered by the Liability insurance of Client and which are arising out of or in connection with (i) any breach by Client of any of its covenants, representations or warranties made in this Agreement ; (ii) any breach by Client of any applicable laws or regulations.

In principle the final rooming list needs to be received by Zoku 14 days prior to the group arrival unless indicated differently by Zoku. Should we not receive the required information on the requested date, Zoku reserves the right to modify the room block or services contracted if necessary. We ask to send final name changes at least 24 hours prior to arrival to ensure a smooth arrival process.

Parties shall be excused from the performance of their obligations hereunder, and in the case of Client, Client shall be excused from its performance hereunder if Client is prevented from utilizing the accommodation under the agreement, in case of any Force Majeure.  “Force Majeure” means any event beyond the control of the Client or Zoku such as, but not limited to, riots, fire, flood, natural disasters, wars, accidents, acts of terrorism, sabotage, strikes, embargo or other government actions or other circumstances of Force Majeure which could not have been reasonably anticipated when the contract/estimate was entered into, whose effects cannot be prevented and which prevents the Client/Zoku from performing its obligations and recognized as such by the hotel’s country’s government. In the event of such events of Force Majeure, the parties shall promptly notify the other party and the parties will make best efforts to prevent or mitigate the effects of the non-performance of the event.” Covid-19 is explicitly excluded from Force Majeure.

Either party shall have the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect if the other party shall become insolvent, or enter into receivership, liquidation, provisional liquidation or a voluntary arrangement with its creditors, or if the other ceases or threatens to cease to carry on business or has an encumbrancer take possession of, or a receiver or administrative receiver appointed over, all or any part of its assets or any event occurs, or process commences with respect to the other in any jurisdiction to which it is subject that has an effect equivalent or similar to any of the aforementioned events.

In the event of cancellation, or termination of this agreement by Zoku, Client shall have the right to a full refund of all pre-paid fees.

Zoku’s Terms & Conditions may be subject to change at any time and without notice. Prior to your check-in, please consult this page for the most up-to-date amendments.

These Terms & Conditions will be governed by the local law of the relevant Zoku location where the booking has been made. All disputes will be submitted to the competent court in the city of the respective Zoku location.

the zoku website disclaimer

These terms form a legally binding agreement that governs your use of (and all affiliated websites) and/or the products and services offered by Zoku Group consisting of Zoku Amsterdam B.V., Zoku Copenhagen Aps, Hotel N2 SAS, Zoku Paris II SAS, and Zoku Vienna GmbH (hereafter referred as “Zoku”), having its office address at Weesperstraat 105, 1018 VN Amsterdam, the Netherlands including those accessed through third party web sites (collectively, the “Services”). By using or accessing the Services, you agree to be bound by these terms.

Zoku can be reached at

Zoku is registered with the trade register of the Netherlands, nr. 59203927.


Zoku Group, consisting of Zoku Amsterdam B.V., Zoku Copenhagen Aps, Hotel N2 SAS, Zoku Paris II SAS, and Zoku Vienna GmbH (collectively referred to as “Zoku”), is committed to protecting your privacy. This privacy policy outlines how Zoku uses and safeguards the personal information you provide to us when using (and affiliated websites) and accessing our products and services (collectively referred to as “Services”).

By using Zoku Services, you agree to the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with this policy. Zoku may update this policy from time to time, so we recommend you periodically review it for the latest information.

With Zoku, you can learn more about our locations, make a booking, and communicate with other Zoku Clients and guests. While some functionality of the Zoku Services can be accessed without registering for an account, such as browsing and learning more about our different locations, you will need an account for additional functionalities.

Zoku may collect the following information:

  • Information that you provide to Zoku when you use the Services, for example when you register, subscribe to a newsletter, fill out a form or enter information when you use the Services. This may include (without limitation) your name, gender, age, country of residence, email address, social media profiles, credit card details, phone number, and booking preferences.
  • Other information about your use of the Services not knowingly provided to Zoku but collected via analytics functionality in the Services: general usage information, including recent browser history (as sent by your browser) and IP-addresses.

We do not knowingly solicit data from, or market to our guests. If you become aware that we have your personal data without your consent, you should contact us at We will delete such information from our files within a reasonable time.

Zoku collects this information to understand your needs and provide you with a better service, and in particular for the following reasons:

  • Order processing, including by sharing limited information with payment gateway providers.
  • Zoku can periodically send promotional e-mails about new products, special offers or other information that Zoku thinks you may find interesting.
  • From time to time, to contact you via e-mail for market research purposes, such as a survey or contest.
  • To customize the website according to your preferences.
  • To improve its products and services in a general manner, using aggregated reporting.

Zoku stores the information for up to 3 years when you register and up to 7 years after your last invoice when you are or have been guest or member.

Zoku has put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information it collects. This includes:

  • Scanning our website on a regular basis for security holes and known vulnerabilities in order to make your visit to our site as safe as possible.
  • Keeping your personal data behind secured networks and only making it accessible to a limited number of persons who have special access rights to such systems, and are required to keep the information confidential.
  • Where possible, your personal data will be encrypted and stored on a virtual private server that is secured by means of state of the art protection measures
  • Transmitting all information via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

We appreciate the trust you place in us to handle your personal data correctly, which is why we promise not to sell your personal data to any third party under any circumstances.

However, we will need to share it with carefully selected companies and organizations in order to fulfil the services outlined in the ‘what Zoku does with the information it collects” section above. Here is a full list:

  • Other companies within the Zoku Group
  • To employees, agents and other third parties (some of whom may be located outside of the EEA) who help us deliver our services, including but not limited to: administering your account, arranging the delivery of services and providing assistance with any queries you may have.
  • To companies who help us tailor our services to your needs and recommend products and services you may be interested in.
  • To anyone the law requires us to share data with.

You have the following rights over the way in which we use your personal information:

  • The right to access any personal information we hold about you.

This means you can ask us whether we hold information about you and, if so, for us to provide you with certain details about that information, including the information itself. This is often referred to as a subject access request.

  • The right to request to delete the information we hold about you (sometimes referred to as the right to erasure of your information or the right to be forgotten).

You can ask us to delete your information in certain circumstances e.g. where it is no longer necessary for us to hold it for the purposes for which we collected it, where we need your consent to use it and you have withdrawn that consent, where you object to us using your information for our legitimate interests and there are no overriding legitimate grounds for us to continue to do so.

  • The right to correct or update any personal information we hold about you.

If you cannot correct the information yourself through your Zoku account, please contact us with your queries and/or the updated information.

  • The right to restrict our processing of your information.

This might apply where, for example, you have objected to us processing your data on the grounds of our legitimate interest, but we are checking whether there are any grounds to override your objection.

  • The right to withdraw consent for any usage of your personal information, including the delivery of marketing messages, at any time (which you can do by contacting us on


You can exercise any of these rights by sending an email to

We hope that we can resolve any queries or concerns you may have about our use of your information, but you can also contact your local Data Protection Authority.

In some instances, we may need to transfer your data to a company or organization outside of the EEA. These transfers will only be made with the appropriate safeguards in place, including the standard data protection clauses outlined by the European Commission. If the organization is based in the United States, we will ensure they are compliant with the EU-US Privacy Shield scheme.

Like most companies, we use online advertising to bring you our latest offers and encourage new customers to try our service.

Our online adverts appear across the web and social media. To make sure you only see ads relevant to you, we use pixels, cookies, mobile identifiers, and services offered by companies like Facebook and Google, as well as the information you provided when creating your account.

If at any time you would like to unsubscribe from receiving future emails, you can do so by clicking the “unsubscribe link” that is included in each mail, or you can email us at and we will promptly remove you from all correspondence.

Zoku reserves the right to make changes to this policy at any time. If we make any major changes, we’ll post a notification on our website.


Cookies are text files placed on your computer to collect standard Internet log information and visitor behavior information. When you visit our websites, we may collect information from you automatically through cookies or similar technology.

For further information, visit

There are a number of different types of cookies, however, our websites use;

  • Functionality: Zoku uses these cookies so that we recognize you on our website and remember your previously selected preferences. These could include what language you prefer and location you are in. A mix of first party and third-party cookies are used.
  • Advertising: Zoku uses these cookies to collect information about your visit to our website, the content you viewed, the links you followed and information about your browser, device, and your IP address. Zoku sometimes shares some limited aspects of this data with third parties for advertising purposes. We may also share online data collected through cookies with our advertising partners. This means that when you visit another website, you may be shown advertising based on your browsing patterns on our website.

You can set your browser not to accept cookies, and the above website tells you how to remove cookies from your browser. However, in a few cases, some of our website’s features may not function as a result.

Third party cookies

Additional third-party cookies are placed when you use the Zoku Services. These are for example to track how long you stay on our site and to determine what region you come from.

Google Analytics cookies: Only Google Analytics can store and read information with these cookies. If you want to opt-out of Google Analytics, you may download a Google Analytics opt-out plug-in for your browser by visiting

Facebook cookies: Only Facebook can store and read information with these cookies. See http:// for more information.

Twitter cookies: Only Twitter can store and read information with these cookies. See for more information.

LinkedIn cookies: Only Linkedin can store and read information with these cookies. See for more information.

Youtube cookies: Only Youtube can store and read information with these cookies. See guidelines for more information.

Some Services are offered to Clients in conjunction with affiliates or third-party vendors, and Zoku may share Clients’ e-mail addresses and other (limited) personal data of you with third-party vendors that are used for providing the Services to you. These third-party vendors are not allowed to use or disclose Services data for any commercial or marketing purposes other than to offer the Zoku Services and to administer and improve such programs, and they are bound to a privacy obligation with Zoku.

Zoku may disclose personal data or information regarding the use of its Services if, for any reason, in Zoku’s sole discretion if it believes that it is necessary to do so in order to satisfy laws, regulations, or other legal requests for such information; to cooperate with law enforcement agencies; to disclose information that is necessary to identify, contact, or bring legal action against someone who may be violating the Zoku Terms of Service or other policies; to operate the Services; to protect Zoku, its services, employees or advisors, or its Clients; or in connection with a proceeding, transaction or proposed transaction involving the transfer of the business or assets to which the information pertains all in the widest sense.

The Zoku websites may contain links to other websites of interest, however, once you have used these links to leave the Zoku sites, you should note that Zoku does not have any control over that other website. Zoku cannot be responsible for the protection and privacy of any information that you provide whilst visiting such sites and such sites are not governed by this privacy policy. You should exercise caution and look at the privacy policy applicable to the website in question.

Access and control over most personal information on the Services is available through profile editing tools. If you want to know what information Zoku has about you, or if you believe that any information Zoku is holding on you is incorrect or incomplete, please send an email at Zoku will assess and correct any information found to be incorrect. The processing of personal data by Zoku is notified to the Netherlands Data Protection Authority under number [notification pending].

We endeavor to prevent our services and facilities from being used for illegal purposes, of any kind. Personal data may be processed in this context by Zoku and its vendors, such as through CCTV surveillance.

Zoku includes email tracking and link tracking features in its emails by embedding a small transparent image pixel in the outgoing email. If the email is opened, Zoku will have access to certain information, such as the name and surnames of the recipient; the recipient’s email address; subject of the email; date and time in which the email was sent; confirmation that the recipient received the email; confirmation that the recipient has opened the email after it has been received; timestamp of each email opening; the history of the times (number, date and time) the recipient has opened the received email; IP from which the email was opened; browser and operating system used by the recipient who opened the email; number of links included in the email; text and URL of such links; number of clicks made on each of them by the recipient; timestamp of each click on the link; IP from which the link was clicked on and browser and operating system used by the person who has clicked on the link.

This information is only used to analyse the reach and effectiveness of the emails sent by Zoku.