Using smart design that optimizes limited urban space, we’ve built three home-office hybrid’s that make seamless human connections possible. At our core, we’re passionate about caring for our people and for our planet. We’re not perfect, but we’re ‘Always Beta’.


Because there is no planet B

As space is becoming scarcer in urban areas, the way we use it sustainably to meet long-term accommodation needs becomes increasingly relevant.

Office space is present 8,700 hours per year, during which time it expends a considerable amount of energy. Even if this space is used for just a little more than 2,200 hours per year, it leaves behind a significant carbon footprint that is damaging to the environment. New technology and hybrid working conditions create a huge opportunity to improve the use of existing space and limit the need for new space. We need to think beyond small solutions and begin to consider a single space as a living ecosystem. At Zoku, we adopt smart solutions that use minimum space to maximize functionality, productivity and connection.

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Our sustainable buildings

Good for you, good for the planet.

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Smart use of

Our aim is to creating a thriving neighborhood for global nomads under one roof.

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Our moss sedum rooftops cool down our buildings, absorb air pollution and catch rainwater.

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Our use of LED lights, 24V system and motion sensors ensure that we save energy.

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Energy-efficient systems

We've implemented heat recovery ventilation and intelligent building management systems.

Sustainability is not a hype

We are a certified B Corp & Climate Neutral 

Declining social cohesion, growing social isolation and the lack of neighborly ties are amongst the greatest problems facing urban citizens in the modern world. Our mission is to create inspiring spaces where human connection is seamless, fun and meaningful. Through research, interviews with our target audience and plenty of prototyping, we were able to create a model that does just that. 

In 2018, Zoku Amsterdam received the B Corp certification, making it the first B Corp certified hospitality company in the Netherlands. Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

In 2022, Zoku Amsterdam became Climate Neutral. With the help of an Environmental Management System (EMS), we’ve began measuring our CO₂ emissions. By identifying our greatest sources of emissions, we can now work on a reduction plan, set measurable goals and head towards a sustainable future. What we cannot reduce – an equivalent of 746 tons of CO₂, based off 2019 – we’ll offset by investing in a technology-based energy production project, Methane Fermentation and Energy Generation in the Netherlands.

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We'll offset 746 tons of CO₂

Our emissions in 2019






Air Traffic

Our sustainability Initiatives

Here’s some things we’re proud of:

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Locally sourced

70% of the healthy food we serve in our Living Kitchens come from local sources.

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Plastic free

As of 2021, we have banned single-use plastic water bottles and straws from our spaces.


Community conscious

We partner with non-profits and socially-minded businesses to improve our people's mental and physical wellbeing.

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People first

We've invested 5000+ hours in our community program leading to high levels of overall guest satisfaction.


Here's what our Co-founder Marc has to say Marc

“It’s clear that the future of urban developments must be more ambitious than just traditional, single-use buildings. Our ambition is to partner with developers, investors, and municipalities to bring the Zoku concept to new locations, to create a fresh and unique destination that fits with the local context.”

Marc Jongerius, Co-founder & Managing Director at Zoku

Our locations

Zoku provides a home base for holiday and business travelers who want to live and work in a city anywhere from a few days to a few months. It’s a home-office hybrid with hotel services, which is a relaxed place to live, work and socialize with like-minded people while getting wired into the city.

Zoku Amsterdam Zoku Copenhagen Zoku Vienna

Offering a new category in the hotel industry

After four years of intensive research on communal spaces and digital nomads, we opened our first property in Amsterdam in May 2016.

Tailoring to the needs of remote workers and global travelers, we created a new category in the hospitality sector: the home-office hybrid which offers the services of a hotel and the social buzz of a thriving neighborhood.

Our Amsterdam building features a greenhouse and Social Spaces on the 6th floor, and six distinct room types. The star of the show? The award-winning Zoku Loft: a spacious micro apartment that offers all the necessary facilities to live comfortably and work efficiently, building harmonious multifunctionality within just 24m².

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Supporting the need for flexible living and working spaces

In May 2021, we opened our second property in Copenhagen.

Located in the Amager neighborhood, this home-office hybrid has 160 Lofts and five different room types. Just like in Amsterdam, in Copenhagen we also offer unique Social Spaces, designed for coworking, dining, hosting meetings and events, and socializing. On the 5th floor rooftop, you’ll find all of these services plus a picture perfect view of the city.

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Harnessing The Work From Anywhere Landscape

Opened in Vienna’s lively Leopoldstadt in June 2021,  Zoku Vienna is our newest home-office hybrid.

Featuring 131 Lofts and four different room types, the property implemented the best of our smart design. Our Social Spaces, including our Living Kitchen restaurant, Kindred Spirits bar and coworking can be found on the 7th floor. Don’t forget to step out to enjoy a scenic view of the famous Prater Wien!

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Our (not so) Corporate Social Responsibility

Curious to learn more about how we look after our environment and our people? Read our (not so) Corporate Social Responsibility statement to see our pledge to protect our community and planet.

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