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Creating that sense of togetherness is what we’re all about. Our Social Spaces in Paris offer an open-plan space, designed to facilitate effortless interaction with others. Discover a warm, kind and safe place where you can ground easily and make long, lasting connections.


First timer? Don’t be alarmed if you don’t see anybody when you arrive at our entrance.

Just take the elevator up to the 8th floor and be amazed by our rooftop while our Sidekicks welcome you. Globally savvy but locally rooted, our Sidekicks will serve as your problem solver, personal assistant, cross-pollinator and connector to the local business scene if needed. They’ll help you hit the ground running and assist you in getting from A to Z, wherever Z may be. Tailoring to your need for speed or fulfilling your desire to take the long way home, they’ll serve as your Paris guide and Zoku spokesperson.

Arrival & Check-In

At Zoku, we like giving you options. We’ve made our check-in options simple and easy to do, so you can decide what works best for you. You can choose between:

Self Check-In Kiosks: Take control and easily check yourself in at one of our Self Check-In Kiosks. Our Sidekicks are just a “hi there” away and ready to help you if needed.

Sidekick Welcome Chat: Prefer a more personal welcome? We love saying hi! Check-in directly with one of our lovely Sidekicks and let them take care of everything for you.

Staying for a while? If you’re staying with us for 2+ weeks, our Community Manager will schedule a Check-In Chat with you when you arrive. Here, you’ll be given the full Zoku masterclass on how to make the most out of your stay as well as get introduced to fellow members of our community.

Kindred Spirits Bar

Open from dawn till dusk, our Kindred Spirits bar serves freshly ground coffee, a rainbow of tea blends and a mind-bending range of spirits to lift your spirits.

During the day, this is the place to go for a coffee and take a break from work in a sunlit environment. In the evening a more intimate mood sets in where bread, cheese and wine are shared with others in our cozy Living Room. Unwinding at the end of the day with a drink and good company is the best way to understand what Zoku is all about.

Living Room

Kick back & relax in our cozy Living Room. Here brains are filled, but can be emptied too.

Our Living Room has all the comforts of home, and Zoku’s family of residents scattered across this open space might even substitute for some of the people you may be missing while you’re away. This area features all the things you’d miss about home: from nooks that have comfy couches to a library that holds inspiring reads, like the latest news or even your favorite bedtime story. You’ll find more than enough good stuff to keep you entertained. Use the spaces to unwind or to get some work done in an informal setting. You decide. Then feel free to change your mind.

Living Kitchen Restaurant

At Zoku, we have a strong need for simplicity.

Our worldly Living Kitchen is just that: simple and honest. The world’s most social activity is taken to another level through an open, residential atmosphere. Healthy food is served fast and shared at our long, communal tables, bringing new tastes and stories to the mix. Grab a seat and enjoy a simple meal while helping yourself to drinks from the fridge – just like you would at home.

Coworking Spaces

Your new home base comes with an office-away-from-the-office.

With bright, open spaces and a lively community of like-minded locals and international professionals, our coworking spaces are ideal for anything from writing bulky reports to hosting creative brainstorm sessions. We even have a workshop wall that’s equipped with all the tools necessary for creating your next big prototype.

Rooftop Terrace

At Zoku, you can experience all the seasons in a highly urban environment.

Our rooftop comes in all sorts of lush green, both inside and out. We pride ourselves on our floor-to-ceiling windows and bursts of green all around our Social Spaces.

If you head outside, the terrace garden also boasts a herb table where small, roof-farmed herbs are grown and served to be enjoyed in our Living Kitchen restaurant. To enjoy the great outdoors, just take a seat amongst the lively Zoku chaos on our rooftop terrace while taking in one of the most unique views in Paris (this view of the Tribunal judiciaire de Paris is seriously one-of-a-kind), relax in one of our hammocks or on our lounge chairs.

Other useful spaces

IMG_6175_jpg 2


Experience our cozy, in-house Zoku Gym with cardio and fitness equipment, weights and yoga mats for a variety of workouts.



OohLaLa_PAR (1)

Ooh là là ! Cheese & Charcuterie Shop

Right through our Living Kitchen, you’ll find our Ooh là là ! Cheese & Charcuterie Shop. While you’re busy eating your way through Paris, make sure to make a pit stop here and choose from a wide assortment of cheeses and meats to build your very own Charcuterie board. Now just one question remains... “To Brie or Not to Brie”?


Ooh là là ! Cheese & Charcuterie Shop

Changing room

Changing Room

Arriving too early for check-in but you still want to shower? For freshening up before hitting the town, or washing away your travels, you can use our Changing Room: a safe and clean place to have a shower, change outfits or just check your make-up if your Loft isn’t quite ready yet.


Changing Room

Zoku-CPH-134 (1)


Fancy doing your own laundry? We feel you. Sort of. Rest assured, our professional launderette comes with stacks of mags, making the chore even more pleasurable. You can go old-school and pay directly at the machines with your card, or download the 'appWash by Miele' app to reserve yourself a spot in advance and pay with your phone. The Launderette can be found on floor -1. Not so keen on DIY-ing it? Good news: we have drycleaning service as well!



Zoku-CPH-133 (1)

Locker Room

We like living and traveling light at Zoku. Residents can store their luggage and other personal belongings in the Locker Room after checkout – and even in-between stays if you want.


Locker Room



Missing anything in your Loft collection, or in need of some additional supplies? Then be sure to visit the pantry on your floor! Each pantry has a range of items such as cleaning materials, new sheets, extra pillows, slippers, kitchen utensils & amenities, and even spare toilet rolls. Did you borrow something? Please return it so others can also make use of them. Sharing is caring.



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