Apéro Live Music Sessions: Ynaf

Grab a glass of red while picking up the groove of the live music on our rooftop. It’s the perfect “aperó” spot.

About the artist

Ynaf whose real name is Fanny Beaumont, is a multidisciplinary artist who has always been passionate about singing. Ynaf released her first single “Mes Petits Travers” directed by Yves Gilbert. 

Since then, Ynaf has sung in renowned Parisian piano bars such as “le Relais de la huchette”, “Le chat noir” and “Le microsillon” and at private parties. At 33, Ynaf released her new single “Toi tu danses” from an EP entitled “Destination”. This single with pop disco influences is already available on Youtube and Spotify.

Entry to this event is free and everyone is welcome. Just head up to our 8th floor and you’re ready to enjoy!

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