Business trip IN Paris

Mix business with leisure at your next visit to Zoku Paris

Traditional hotels and serviced apartments can be pretty lonely, often serving as nothing more than shelter and a bed. Instead of creating more of the same, the hospitality world desperately needed a smarter solution: a place where a business/living environment could feel like home and adapt to personal needs, rather than the other way around. Topped with professional services, great fun and a social structure, Zoku was created to offer business travelers not only a safe home but also inspiration and a social life. 

Why zoku?

Business travel doesn't have to be lonely

Where business meets leisure

Business travel can often be lonely and uninspiring. Zoku provides the perfect place to quickly get rooted in the local scene and meet like-minded people on the way. By combining smart private Lofts and rooftop Social Spaces, Zoku creates a one-stop-shop to work, sleep, live and play. Here’s what’s in it for you:

Staying 14+ nights? Get even more!

Free Community Dinner

Mix and mingle with residents over delicious food during our Community Dinner – your first one on the house! 

15% off food & drinks

Get 15% off drinks from our Kindred Spirits bar and food from our Living Kitchen restaurant throughout your stay.

Event invites

Get access to free events and 15% off ticketed events, such as live music nights, workshops and other inspiring sessions.

15% off meeting rooms

Our meeting and events spaces are great to get some work done too. Get a discount whenever you book a meeting room.

what others have to say

“Paris: spa, rooftop, garden… to seduce customers, these new high-end hotels stop at nothing”

“The hotel industry explores new territories on the edge of the Paris ring road”

“Urban planning, gastronomy, accommodation or cultural scene, discover the new and future openings in Paris”

Zoku set for France debut with Paris opening” 

“International brands in major cities: France will see many new hotels appear in 2023”


“What a wonderful place! I was there on a business trip with my colleagues and the whole experience was just lovely (we rented out a conference room for two days). Super kind people, an extraordinary service, delicious food and a super positive, open-minded vibe all over the place. I will definitely come back. Thank you.” 

-Julius, Resident at Zoku

Meet Özgür, our Community Manager

“Step into Zoku Paris and you’ll find more than just a place to stay. You’ll discover a dynamic hub where creativity meets productivity, ideas are sparked, and meaningful connections are made. As the Community & Events Manager, my goal is to curate a space that inspires collaboration, innovation, and growth, where every moment is an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and build lasting relationships. At Zoku Paris, the possibilities are endless.”

get to know zoku

From private Lofts to rooftop Social Spaces, you'll have everything you need to live, work, and play

the zoku loft

It’s smart. It’s private. It’s customizable. And it comes with all the necessary residential and business facilities. Instead of a bed, its central feature is a four-person table. This way, you can enjoy an open space in a room that feels like home. Dine, work or just hang out – it’s up to you.

ROOFTOP social spaces

Our Social Spaces offer a warm welcome, with our buzzing Kindred Spirits Bar, Living Room, Living Kitchen restaurant, coworking spaces, green spaces and lots of terraces for residents to enjoy as an extension of their Lofts. The open-plan design of these spaces focuses on creating effortless connections, while mingling with a well-rounded group of professionals.


Discover why Paris is one of the world’s most livable cities:

  • Haussmann buildings that make Paris one of the most beautiful cities in the world
  • French cuisine and pastries
  • Some of the best museums & art galleries in the world
  • World-famous fashion destination and haute couture paradise
  • Extensive public transportation to commute from A to Z
  • Best connections to travel the world
  • Eight-week vacation for workers
  • European business and startup capital
  • Central hub for quick day trips to other cities