Innovative rooms built from your feedback

150 interviews with the target audience and 6 prototypes created the end of the hotel room as we know it: The award-winning Zoku Loft. The Zoku Loft is a comfortable home base that sets a new standard in intelligent use of space. It’s an entire apartment’s worth of spaces all combined into one, lofty home.

What the Loft?

The Loft: A Home/Office Hybrid

The Zoku Loft is a flexible home-office hybrid that offers all the necessary facilities to live comfortably and work efficiently.

It’s a spacious micro apartment suitable for both living comfortably and working efficiently. In a regular hotel room or studio apartment, the bed is always dominates. In Zoku, the big kitchen table is the paramount center for either laptops or candles and a bottle of wine. Each Loft sleeps two and contains a full living room, kitchen, bathroom and a big kitchen table. You can even personalize your space by choosing your favorite artwork to hang on the walls and inspire you during your stay. The space is an ideal base of operation for living, working and collaborating, offering all the comfort and efficiency you need.

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What makes our Lofts unique?


Lofted beds

Feel comfortable inviting friends or business relations into your home with the lofted bed, raised and out of the way. They're super comfy too!


Open living area

The central feature of the room is a four-person table and living room that can be used to work, dine, and entertain, or just hang out - you decide.

Artswap copy


Make your Loft feel like your own home. Add a finishing touch to your room by choosing your own art from the art swap, making your space truly personal.

Cooking pot

Fully equipped kitchen

Enjoy the comforts of a fully equipped kitchen, giving you the ability to be self-sufficient and cook meals just like you're used to at home.

Relocating to Vienna?

We’re the ultimate homebase for expats and others who are looking to relocate to Vienna. By providing you with a local social life and a community of likeminded people, Zoku provides an easy landing for anybody moving to a new country. Let us be your safe landing spot for your next move to Vienna.

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Our Lofts

Zoku Loft

It’s smart. It’s private. It’s customizable. And it comes with all the necessary residential and business facilities. Instead of a bed, its central feature is a four-person table. This way, you can enjoy an open space in a room that feels like home. Dine, work or just hang out – it’s up to you.

  • 24m²/258ft²
  • 1–2 Adults
  • King Size Bed

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Zoku Rollercoaster Loft

A loft with a view? We’ve got you covered. This one showcases one of the most loved attractions at the Prater – the Megablitz! Watch the adventurous take on the rollercoaster straight from the comfort of your sofa.

  • 24m²/258ft²
  • 1–2 Adults
  • King Size Bed

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Zoku Loft with Balcony

Looking to embrace your inner Romeo or Juliet? This Loft has all the features of a standard Zoku Loft but with a balcony facing the Perspektivstrasse. Enjoy the open space, lofted bed, and art swap to customize your walls – just with an extra bit of fresh air.

  • 24m² / 258ft²
  • 1-2 Adults
  • King Size Bed

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Zoku Loft XL

You guessed it: it’s bigger than the (already spacious) Zoku Loft. The Loft XL can be personalized just as easily and comes with all the necessary residential and business facilities, featuring a 4-person table as its central piece, & gym rings to help you burn some calories.

  • 28m²/301ft²
  • 1–2 Adults
  • King Size Bed

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