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Stay at Zoku and give yourself a soft landing in Vienna

Zoku is so much more than just a roof and bed. It’s a home with a vibrant and active community. With its diverse family of like-minded global nomads, you can effortlessly meet your Zoku neighbors and immediately feel at home in a new place. Zoku Vienna defies loneliness and offers support to residents in every way. With loads of community events and networking opportunities, you can feel connected and part of a community – even at first-arrival. Our on-site Community Manager and Sidekicks are always around to keep an eye on you, give local tips and make sure you’re adjusting well and are invited to all community events.

Why zoku?

Feel at home from day 1

Get an instant community

Moving countries can be unsettling and lonely. Zoku offers a relaxed place to live and work, and the social buzz of a thriving neighborhood. Transitioning to a new city has never been easier.  This is the place for you to get quickly rooted in the city, join inspirational talks and connect with neighbors and locals. 

Staying 14+ nights? Get even more!

Community dinner

Mix and mingle with residents over delicious food during our Community Dinner – your first one on the house! 

15% off food & drinks

Get 15% off drinks from our Kindred Spirits bar and food from our Living Kitchen restaurant throughout your stay.

Business registration

For a small fee, register yourself or your business at our physical address so you can relocate here and work at ease. 

Partner deals

Get exclusive discounts from our local partners: including gyms, studios, and more.

what others have to say

“Zoku Vienna: a hotel you can also work from”

“New, cool hotel concept for Vienna starts at the Prater

The Zoku Vienna is no ordinary hotel. It’s the solution to the work-from-anywhere lifestyle”

“Work, eat, sleep, repeat: The new home office hybrid hotel Zoku Vienna 

“Hybrid concepts: mixtures with added value”


I lived in the Zoku for 6 months as a long stay as I worked in Vienna. The hotel is close to the Prater and the next station for public transport is just 5 mins away. You can easily go to some restaurants by foot and also supermarkets are just 5-7 mins away. What I liked most about my stay there is the feeling they give me about having a second home. There is a Community Manager taking care of the long-stays and also organizing dinners or small events to enable you to get to know other people living at Zoku. All people working for Zoku can speak various languages, are very open-minded, friendly and attentive. I have worked in the co-working space several times and the wifi was stable and I didn‘t feel disturbed by other people at any time. I definitely loved my room, the bed is super comfortable and very big (1,80m), the kitchen is well equipped and further equipment can be taken from the pantry if needed. Would definitely recommend living here.

Anja, Resident at Zoku Vienna

Meet Jared, our Community Manager

“Relocation can be a bit tricky at times. Just know that I will always be at Zoku to lend you a helping hand. No matter what is needed I will always give my best effort to make Zoku Vienna feel like you never left home.”

get to know zoku

From private Lofts to rooftop Social Spaces, you'll have everything you need to live, work, and play

the zoku loft

It’s smart. It’s private. It’s customizable. And it comes with all the necessary residential and business facilities. Instead of a bed, its central feature is a four-person table. This way, you can enjoy an open space in a room that feels like home. Dine, work or just hang out – it’s up to you.

ROOFTOP social spaces

Our Social Spaces offer a warm welcome, with our buzzing Kindred Spirits Bar, Living Room, Living Kitchen restaurant, co-working spaces, green spaces and lots of terraces for residents to enjoy as an extension of their Lofts. The open-plan design of these spaces focuses on creating effortless connections, while mingling with a well-rounded group of professionals.


Discover why Vienna is one of the world’s most livable cities:

  • Named the world’s most livable city for the 10th time.
  • Rich history of the Habsburg Austrian Empire and Austro-Hungarian Empire.
  • Positioned on the doorstep of Central and Eastern Europe, making it an ideal location for international businesses.
  • Possibility to do day trips and quick getaways to other European capitals.
  • 280+ gardens and parks make Vienna one of the greenest metropolitan cities.
  • Stunning and historic architecture and palaces.
  • Excellent infrastructure to get around.
  • Great culture and entertainment venues.
  • World-famous cuisine throughout the city.