Rooftop terrace

Discover our Rooftop Terrace in the 17e Arrondissement in Paris

Zoku works in an upside-down way: with our public spaces and reception on the top floor, and with private floors with Lofts below. By flipping this around from a traditional hotel, we’re able to create tons of natural daylight, green rooftop gardens, and a large terrace with amazing views of Paris. We have show-stopping views you won’t want to miss.

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Rooftop Terrace

We love bringing everyone together over good conversation and amazing views. 


Take a seat in our small patios and simply co-work, relax, or just hang out. No matter if you’re a resident, neighbor, or first-timer, we welcome everyone to come by and take in some greenery and fresh air away from the hustle and bustle of Paris.  Did we mention you can even see the Tribunal de Paris from here? If you’re feeling hungry, locals and residents can wine and dine on our terrace for any meal of the day. Enjoy breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, or just drinks. Reservations for our terrace aren’t possible, so just stop on by to get a spot. You can even try out the swingset if you get here fast enough!

Rooftop garden

Following the changing of the seasons, our very own Living Kitchen restaurant uses fresh herbs from our rooftop garden.

We have various plants and herbs, including strawberries, thyme, sage, and curry plants. On top of this, the moss sedum rooftops also act as insulation material to cool down the building, absorb air pollution, and catch rainwater. You can catch sun. 

INDOOR Rooftop

Contrary to rooftop stereotypes, ours isn’t just a summer retreat.


Our indoor rooftop is the ultimate winter escape in the heart of the bustling city. Imagine yourself surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows flooding the space with natural light, turning every moment into a cozy snapshot. The atmosphere is like a snug sweater, making it the ideal spot for lively chats, remote work with a view, or just soaking in the unique urban jungle ambiance. Winter, meet your match high above the city streets!



Our rooftop terraces are only available on a first-come-first-served basis. Please just stop by to get a spot outside. If you want to make a reservation in advance, you can do so for our indoor dining.

Our terraces are always open to our residents and the public, but we do rent out our south facing terrace for private events. Just reach out at to discuss possibilities!

We always say we’re “better together”! Please reach out to Özgür, our Community Manager, so we can see what’s possible. He’s at Talk soon!