Connect with your colleagues and learn how to effectively work together in a new hybrid world

Remote working has many advantages, but research shows it leads to a higher degree of disconnection within a company, both in terms of its internal culture and between team members. This reduces levels of mental health of employees and ultimately lowers productivity and motivation across the organization. To help fix this, Zoku provides 360-degree solutions to facilitate hybrid functions such as living, sleeping, working, collaborating, dining and socializing – and all under one roof. 

Why zoku?

From hybrid hospitality to hybrid work solutions

Fully-serviced team building

Over the course of 2-3 days, your people can form a renewed sense of belonging, cohesion and alignment with each other, while gaining a stronger connection with your company and its culture. At Zoku, we provide an ideal, full-service environment: a one-stop-shop designed for living, working, collaborating, dining and socializing – and all under one roof. Your offsite includes a tailor-made program and expert facilitation so you can get the most out of your experience:

Hosting an offsite at Zoku gives you

Hassle-free experience

Save time planning a multi-day overnight event, as everything you need to host the perfect offsite is arranged in one place.


Increased cohesion

Get an increased feeling of energy within your team, allowing colleagues to re-establish a connection with your company’s vision and goals.

Sustained productivity

Learn new hybrid work techniques to sustain productivity and increase motivation – even after your stay.

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LIFE AT ZOKU Copenhagen

“Stayed here for a team event for a day, including lunch and dinner. I absolutely loved it! Amazing service, delicious food, great and modern concept! Will definitely come back”

-Linda, Resident at Zoku Copenhagen

Meet Sergio, our Community Manager

 “Working remotely often comes with many challenges: feeling disconnected from your team, working by yourself from home at odd hours, and generally missing that sense of connectedness. Understanding these needs allowed us to create a space where you can bond and exchange knowledge with fellow professionals, while getting your work done when it best suits you – all in an inspiring and buzzing space.”

get to know zoku

Discover 24/7 living and work spaces all under one roof

the zoku loft

It’s smart. It’s private. It’s customizable. And it comes with all the necessary residential and business facilities. Instead of a bed, its central feature is a four-person table. This way, you can enjoy an open space in a room that feels like home. Dine, work or just hang out – it’s up to you. 


The Zoku Loft provides a self-sufficient and fully furnished home-office hybrid apartment to rent in the heart of Copenhagen, designed to make residents feel at home right away. Both our standard and XL Lofts are perfect for people in need of immediate, hassle-free accommodation – anywhere from 1 month to as long as you want.

ROOFTOP social spaces

Our Social Spaces offer a warm welcome, with our buzzing Kindred Spirits Bar, Living Room, Living Kitchen restaurant, coworking spaces, green spaces and lots of terraces for residents to enjoy as an extension of their Lofts. The open-plan design of these spaces focuses on creating effortless connections, while mingling with a well-rounded group of professionals.


Meeting rooms & event space

Zoku Copenhagen’s 4 unique meeting rooms and large event space are designed to fuel connections, spark ideas, and drive productivity. The spaces are flooded with natural light and have amazing views overlooking the city.

Discover Copenhagen

Discover why Copenhagen is one of the world’s most livable cities:


  • Resident-oriented urban plans and designs
  • One of the most sustainable and safest cities in the world
  • Top English-speaking country from non-native speakers
  • World-leading museums and events
  • Incredible architecture
  • Bicycles to commute from A to Z
  • Reliable public transport systems
  • Expat friendly with tons of internationals

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