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Creating that sense of togetherness is our calling card

Discover a warm, kind, and safe place where you can ground easily and make lasting connections.


New to Zoku? That feeling will pass quickly.

Zoku works in an upside-down way: our check-in and shared spaces are on the top floor, rather than on the ground floor when you walk in. This allows us to tap into all the natural daylight, the dizzying views, and the green rooftop garden and terraces. Whether you’re a resident, visitor, or neighbor, we can’t wait to welcome you. Just head on up to our 5th floor to find out what we’re all about. BYOS (Bring Your Own Sunglasses).

Arrival & Check-in

Just swoop up the elevator to the 5th floor and enter our Greenhouse

For independent types, check in at one of our self-service kiosks. Prefer a nice chat? Then check-in with our one of our lovely Sidekicks. They’ll help you hit the ground running and get you from A-to-Z – even if Z is Z3. Don’t be shy. Ask them for local tips and tricks, or share what you really want to get out of your trip. Good advice abounds.


Staying for 2+ weeks? Our onsite Community Manager will schedule a Check-In Chat with you once you arrive. They’ll give you the full Zoku lowdown and introduce you to your fellow community members. Loneliness on the road is not an option.

Living Room

Our cozy Living Room has all the comforts of home, without you ever having to vacuum it. Win-win.

Kick off your shoes, grab your favorite book, and hang out in one of our cozy nooks. There are plenty of elements to inspire you – from crackling fireplaces to some cracking board games on the shelves. Feel free to get out of your comfort zone and get more comfortable.


Feeling homesick? Zoku’s family of Residents scattered across this room might even substitute for some of the people you miss back home. Just strike up a conversation. We try to vet everyone for friendliness. 


Coworking Spaces

Your new homebase comes with inspiring workspaces and views

With bright, open spaces and a lively community of like-minded international professionals, our rooftop co-working spaces are ideal for anything from writing bulky reports to facilitating creative brainstorm sessions. Simply find an inspiring spot on our rooftop and flip open your laptop. Days go fast here.


Every day at 15:30, our Community Manager hosts a “hygge” coffee break to bring together local members and international residents. It’s a great moment to get a caffeine boost, broaden your network, and share a fun story or two.


The Living Kitchen

At Zoku, we have a strong need for simplicity

Our worldly Living Kitchen is just that: it provides simple, honest, and tasty food. And food simply tastes better when it’s shared with good company. Discover our rooftop restaurant where stories are shared across long communal tables. Open daily for breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner, our restaurant is available to Zoku residents as well as locals from the neighborhood.


Kindred Spirits bar

Our rooftop bar has one of the best views of the city

During the day, it’s the place to go for a coffee and a quick screen break. In the evening, a more intimate moods sets in – for instance bread, cheese, and wine might appear to be shared with colleagues or friends. 


Treat yourself to a delicious G&T or tap your own beer from a local brewery. There are plenty of options for any occasion. In the summertime, the terrace often takes on a dream-like quality – guaranteed after a drink or two. 


Experience the seasons in a highly urban environment

Zoku comes in green, both inside and out. We pride ourselves on our wide collection of potted plants. But it’s our rooftop garden that hits peak green. Ah, the views! And do note the Greenhouse and rooftop garden when you arrive, where we grow the vegetables and herbs that we use to cook from our very own kitchen.

Other useful spaces

Your stuff is safe with us

Arriving early or still need to explore the city after check-out time? Store your luggage and any personal belongings in our Locker Room. Just ask a Sidekick for help when you’re in need of a locker. The storage possibilities are endless!

Freshen up when you arrive

For freshening up before hitting the town or washing away your travels, you can use our Changing Room. It’s a private and clean space to have a shower, change outfits, or just do a quick make-up check. Even if your Loft isn’t quite ready yet, you will be.

Wash your clothes on your time

Want to do some laundry? We feel you! And we certainly don’t want to smell you 🙂 Rest assured: our full launderette comes with an ironing board and stacks of mags, making the chore even more pleasurable. Ask a Sidekick for washing coins.

Additional supplies keep on coming

No skeletons in these closets! Visit the Pantry on your Loft floor for additional supplies during your stay, such as cleaning materials, fresh sheets, kitchen utensils, an extra pillow, spare wine glasses, you-name-it. 

Our 24/7 grab-and-go shop

For those of you who want to grab a midnight-snack or borrow a travel adapter, this is the place to visit! All items that you purchase are yours to keep. Or you can choose to simply borrow something. We trust you to return it once you’re done.

Customize your space

Located on all floors, you will find Art Swap stations where you can choose your favorite artwork to hang on the walls. Just bring the art you don’t want in your Loft and swap it out with whatever inspires you. There’s no place like home!

OUR ROOFTOP at a glance

Are you a “see-before-believing” kind of person? Or just looking to dive deeper? Check out our Gallery to get to know Zoku Copenhagen better!