Rooftop Oktoberfest Party

Get ready to don your lederhosen and raise your stein, because Zoku Vienna is bringing the spirit of Oktoberfest!

Rooftop Oktoberfest Party​

Mark your calendars for October 26th as Zoku Vienna is set to transport you straight to the heart of Oktoberfest! Put on your lederhosen and get ready to raise a stein in celebration.

Live Music: Manfred Chromy and Oliver Gruen

We have a treat for your ears with the talented Manfred Chromy and Oliver Gruen, the musical wizards behind Texassschrammeln. They’ll grace the stage with a captivating repertoire, blending Viennese classics, contemporary compositions, and a few delightful surprises from the American songbook. Be prepared to sing along and dance to the rhythm of their tunes!


Our Kindred Spirits Bar offers a carefully crafted drink menu with Oktoberfest specials like Maß and premium Augustiner on tap. Plus, enjoy a variety of classic cocktails, local wines, and beers. We also have tempting non-alcoholic options to suit all preferences. 🍻🍷🍸

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