Kitchen Takeover: Pizza Night

In partnership with Pablo Pisano

Indulge in tasty pizzas by Chef Pablo from Disco Volante on our rooftop!

Zoku x Pablo pisano

Join us for an unforgettable culinary experience where you’ll be treated to an array of delectable pizzas expertly crafted by one of the city’s most celebrated pizzaiolos, Pablo Pisano from Disco Volante.

Indulge in a curated menu of gourmet pizzas, from traditional Margherita to inventive creations, promising a burst of flavors. Enjoy the enchanting rooftop views of the iconic Prater while savoring delectable pizzas, complemented by delightful drinks crafted by our skilled Sidekicks.


RSVP to let us know you’re interested.* You’ll pay for consumption on-site.
See you soon!

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