Rooftop Music: Leo

Grab a spritzer while picking up the groove of live music on our rooftop. It’s the perfect after-work spot.


February is here and it’s time to let loose! Join us for an evening of drinking, dancing, and good vibes on our rooftop terrace. 

Welcome Leo 

Leo rocked his way through music college and aced it at a top-notch music academy in his homeland. A jazz pro with street cred, he’s slayed gigs from the cool vibes of Vienna’s old town hall to the local joints back home. Leo’s got the range, from jazz coolness to rocking weddings, parties, and chill restaurants. And guess what? He’s about to spice things up on our rooftop with some fresh, modern beats. Get ready for a night of Leo’s signature mix – where classic vibes meet a whole new groove. event.



Entry to this event is free and will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Just register to let us know you’re interested!

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