Walt's Workshop

1-8 people (18m2)

Inspired by Walt Disney’s artistic process, this is a flexible space perfect for animated creative sessions. We offer 3 different seating arrangements, based on Disney’s strategy stages: The Dreamer, The Realist and The Critic. Spark innovation by playing around with the room, the furniture and a toy or two.

4-hours: Starts at €82 p.p. | 8-hours: Starts at €110 p.p. (Save 33%)

This is the best meeting room for

Creative brainstorm sessions

Round table discussions

Small group presentations

The full lowdown

  • 1-8 people
  • 18m2 
  • 8-person capacity with rectangular table and chairs that can be formatted into 3 different layouts:
    • Dreamer: open floorplan (without chairs) for brainstorming or whiteboard sessions.
    • Realist: “round table” setup, to host discussions with everyone facing each other around a central table.
    • Critic: theater-style setup, for presentations from one person to a small group.
  • Rectangular table with chairs that can be moved around
  • 48” TV screen
  • ClickShare connectivity
  • HDMI 
  • 2 floor-to-ceiling whiteboard walls that are also magnetic
  • Flipchart 

Level up your meetings with our camera and speaker rentals — because who needs pixelated faces and sound like it’s underwater? Say hello to crystal-clear visuals and audio so crisp, you’ll feel like you’re in the same room. It’s time to upgrade your hybrid meetings and leave the tech headaches behind:

  • Video Conferencing Camera (Yealink UVC40): A comprehensive solution that includes an advanced camera bar, microphone, and loudspeaker.
    • What’ s included?
      • Experience professional-grade video conferencing
      • Exceptional clarity and precision for remote meetings
      • Suitable for collaboration via Teams or Zoom
      • Ensures every participant is visible and audible with remarkable clarity
      • Enhances hybrid meetings and leaves a lasting impression
    • Pricing:
      • €75 for half-day rental when combined with a 4-hour package (excl. VAT)
      • €100 for full-day rental when combined with an 8-hour package (excl. VAT)
  • Conference Call Speaker (Jabra Speak 510): Say goodbye to glitchy conference calls with this high quality speaker.
    • What’s included?
      • Transform any meeting room into a powerhouse of sound
      • Perfect for professional conference calls
      • Delivers outstanding audio quality with crystal-clear precision
      • Ensures every voice is heard with clarity
      • Ideal for crucial client calls, team brainstorming sessions, and remote training
      • Seamless connectivity via USB or Bluetooth
      • Fosters seamless communication and collaboration in our meeting room
    • Pricing:
      • €10 for half-day rental when combined with a 4-hour package (excl. VAT)
      • €17,50 for full-day rental when combined with an 8-hour package (excl. VAT)
  • Lunch is included in an 8-hour meeting and can be added to a 4-hour meeting. 
  • Unlimited coffee, tea, and snacks are available from our Coffee Corner located next to the ping pong table. This includes all the snacks you can imagine: from veggie chips, to gummies, to cookies.
  • You can request additional food and drink packages quote with barista coffee, beer, wine, cocktails, breakfast, or dinner. Scroll down the page to explore all of your options.
  • East-facing view of the city from our rooftop.
  • For cancellations made 3+ months prior to the scheduled meeting or event: 25% of total costs will be charged.

  • For cancellations made between 1 to 3 months prior: 50% of total costs will be charged.

  • For cancellations made less than 1 month prior: 100% of total costs will be charged.

  • When applicable a refund fee may apply.

  • 4-hour meeting packages start at €82 p.p.
  • 8-hour meeting packages start at €110 p.p.
  • All meeting room prices are including VAT.

Photo Inspiration

Meeting add-ons

But wait, there’s more! Add food, drinks, and an overnight stay to your productive work day.

Food & Drinks

Your culinary wish is our command. Eat, drink, and connect with plenty of delicious options to fuel your meeting. Psst… don’t forget that lunch is included in all 8-hour meetings!

Stay the night

Skip the commute and stay the night in the award-winning Zoku Loft. It’s a spacious micro-apartment, with everything you need to live, work, and play. We have 133 Lofts on-site, so just let us know how many rooms you’d like to add when submitting your meeting request. It’s as easy as that.

Other Meeting Rooms

We've got plenty of other meeting rooms, a large Event Space, and even a rooftop terrace. Keep swiping!​

Get away from the hustle and bustle of our rooftop and join forces with colleagues in your own private workspace. It has everything you need to collaborate in an inspiring setting.

A fun option for small groups focused on sparking creativity as quickly as possible. It even features a Twister carpet for your mandatory downward dogs or quick game breaks.

It can be a fine line between work and play. So surf the way between the two during a small group productivity session. A comfy couch and great views included!

No frills, no mere boardroom. It’s a productivity den perfect for group work sessions, small presentations, or hitting that deadline just in time while getting your best work done.

Take in the views and soak up the rays on our rooftop terrace that can be rented privately for up to 50 people. Psst… add the Party Pop-Up for even more space!

Coworking by day, party pop-up by night. Located between our two terraces, book this cozy space to host a private party for up to 50 people.

Even more people means even bigger ideas! Gather with your team or colleagues in half of our Event Space. Want the full space? Keep scrolling to find out more!

Our largest room is a showstopper. Host your next offsite, training, seminar, or conference overlooking the Amsterdam skyline – from all sides!