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Sleep, work, dine, repeat. All from your own private Zoku Loft.

Introducing the Zoku Loft: a spacious micro apartment designed for living comfortably and working efficiently. In a regular hotel room or studio apartment, the bed always dominates. In the Zoku Loft, the big kitchen table serves as focal point, shifting the center of the space from the bed to the living room. Now you have a truly livable home to explore Amsterdam and work abroad for as long as you want. 

Introducing THE ZOKU LOFT

Innovative rooms build from your feedback

Bye-bye traditional hotel rooms. We did 150 interviews with our target audience and made 6 different prototypes to create perfect the award-winning Zoku Loft. Now we can proudly share the results (and the love) with you. Keep scrolling to see our different Loft options!

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Experience spacious living in less square meters

Zoku Loft

It’s smart and customizable – just like a quality best friend. It’s also private and comes with all the necessary residential and business facilities to live comfortably and work efficiently.

Zoku Loft XL

You guessed it: it’s bigger than the (already spacious) Zoku Loft, and can be just as easily personalized. Sleep, work, and dine for as long as you need. It’s perfect if you want roomier living quarters for a longer stay (or interpretive dance).


With an adjacent extra bedroom and bathroom connected to a Loft XL, this even larger Zoku Loft XXL is the ideal place for 3 people. Friends or family – this one’s for you.


High-quality essentials make this a small yet effective bedroom. There’s even a TV for in-bed movie watching when you need a chill break. It’s the perfect option for that quick and cozy trip.


Our most basic option: a private bunkbed room, perfect for restful reclining between meetings and travels. Don’t worry, you still also have your own bathroom.

Why Zoku?

Zoku (Text)

Traditional Hotels

Lofted Beds

You can feel comfortable inviting friends or business relations into your home with a lofted bed that can be hidden and tucked away. But rest assured: it’s still freakishly comfortable when it’s time to tuck yourself in. Viva la nap!

Open Living Room Area

Goodbye tiny hotel room with just a ho-hum bed. The central feature of the Loft is a four-person table to work, dine, entertain, or just gently rest your head. It’s right next to the comfy couch and full living room.

Fully-Equipped Kitchen

We get it, you want to cook your own meals if you stay with us a while. Enjoy the culinary power of a fully-equipped kitchen in the comfort of your private home-away-from-home. And if you don’t feel like cooking, our rooftop restaurant is just a few elevator floors away.

Personalization with Swappable Art

A home should reflect one’s own personal taste. For that finishing Zoku touch, choose your favorite artwork from the hallway Art Swap Stations. Feel free to hang it upside-down, or a bit crooked. We won’t judge. 

Rooftop Spaces Open 24 Hours

No matter the time (or timezone), you always get access to our rooftop Social Spaces: which include coworking spaces, a greenhouse, living room, restaurant, bar, meeting rooms, event space, and outdoor green terraces. 

On-Site Community Manager

Staying 14+ nights? Laura, our on-site Community Manager, will welcome you with a Check-In Chat, invite you to a Community Dinner, and connect you with other residents. You’ll meet new people and get to know Amsterdam in no time.

LOFT LIVING Inspiration


Cool down and perk up with 10% off our Zoku Lofts and unlimited iced coffee – this is how we brew it!

Who says you can’t mix business with leisure? Work hard and play hard with our hybrid business package that’s a great option for a quick work trip away.

Calling all digital nomads! Stay productive, be social and get wired-into-the-city – while living and working in an environment especially designed for you to thrive.

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Our cozy Lofts sleep up to two guests. If you’d like to bring along your baby, we can add an extra baby cot in our Loft XL upon request. Want to bring along a friend? Our Loft XXL sleeps up to 3 people! Just reach out to us directly to check availability.

Hang tight, your Loft will be ready from 15.00 onwards! Want to freshen up? You can make (free) use of our Locker Room and Changing Room.

Absolutely, we adore our four-legged companions! Read our Pawlicy to get a full overview of our pet rules.