Rest your head during a quick city trip

This simple room with a bunkbed is perfect for resting your head between meetings and exploring the city. It’s a budget option for colleagues or friends seeking a simple overnight stay in Amsterdam while still wanting to access Zoku’s Social Spaces. You’ll get everything Zoku has to offer with a night full of sweet dreams. And don’t worry, like all of our rooms at Zoku, it’s private.

This is the best room option for...

Quick city trips

Traveling with two

Private place to sleep

The full lowdown

  • Phones with IP calling to contact the team.
  • Free, fast and reliable internet: 60 Mbps, wired and wireless options.
  • Dimmable LED lighting, including in the bathroom.
  • Charging ports throughout room.
  • Sliding doors to separate the shower from the toilet & sink.
  • Floor to ceiling body mirror in shower, and face height mirror above sink.
  • Tons of storage space above and below sink, including amenities such as: shaving/make-up mirror, hairdryer, Marie Stella Maris hand soap.
  • Retractable clothes line for drying clothes after laundry.
  • Pull chord for full room lighting and dimmer light for face mirror.
  • Shower area features:
    • Luxurious high-pressure shower  
    • Marie Stella Maris shampoo and body wash  
    • Full-length wall mirror. Looking good!  
    • Towel rack and amenity storage  
    • Fluffy towels from green brand ‘Max Havelaar’
  • Includes a standard set of office supplies: including a paper roll, stapler, scissors, tape dispenser, and pencils. 
  • Small desk with stool for working or dining.
  • Bunk bed with 2 single, comfortable beds (80 x 210 cm).  
  • Hanging basket for storing small items in your bunk. Like your iPhone!
  • Extra space in your bunk to place laptop and other items. Feel free to bring your Teddy.
  • 100% organic sheets and bedding.  
  • Two types of pillows, soft and firm. 
  • Storage space for luggage and wardrobe.
  • Fire extinguisher.  
  • Plenty of plugs: both conventional and USB.
  • Carbon monoxide detector.
  • Silent & smart ventilation which reacts to room’s oxygen levels. So, get breathing!  
  • Hot water bottle / heating compress.
  • Room cleaning takes place every third night. Additional cleaning is available upon request for €20 per day.
  • Express check-in and check-out through Self-Service Kiosks on our rooftop, including automated billing via email. 
  • For the do-it-yourselfer, extra amenities are available in the Pantry down the hall of your Loft: including ironing supplies vacuum cleaner, cleaning supplies and more. The Pantry also contains the waste collection area, as well as extra kitchen utensils.
  • Other public spaces on the property include our launderette, changing room, locker room, “(Almost) Everything Store” and treatment room.

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