The end of disconnection
and the beginning of a new way of working.



We did our research. If there’s one thing our research and collaboration with both HR leaders and Team Leads has taught us, it’s that relationships in a new virtual world can’t solely thrive online. In-person interactions are necessary for retention, productivity and long term happiness within employees and teams.

Let us help you reconnect. After almost 2 years of online distancing, bring your team together and take part in a 3 day offline program where you can reconnect, unwind and bond as a team. We’ll provide you with the tools and environment to explore your team dynamics, reflect on the past and define a future approach for team collaboration & rituals – ultimately leaving you closer and more inspired in your work than ever before.

It’s all about results. By taking part in our program, you will:

  1. Feel energized and more closely connected to your teammates.
  2. Increase sustained productivity and motivation following your stay.
  3. Learn about the new way of working hybrid and how to best adapt to this within your team.
  4. Experience a fully established way to support your colleagues, create new team rituals and discover insights into your team’s role and positioning.
  5. Positively increase morale and employee retention within your company.
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The ultimate goal?

To once again strengthen connections and increase productivity within your team, while learning the necessary tools to adapt to a new hybrid way of working.

Results Driven

What's included in the 3 day program?


2 night stay in one of our Zoku locations

Over the course of 3 days, you'll get a fully catered experience with healthy food, drinks, activities and use of our social and shared workspaces. In between sessions, your team can spend time collaborating, reflecting, catching up on work, or simply hanging out. Our venue is specifically designed to host businesses and professionals in Amsterdam, Copenhagen or Vienna.


Curated Programming and Workshops

Facilitated by experts from Mischief Makers, who have years of experience facilitating engaging workshops and events for innovative companies like Google and Uber, we'll create a custom workshop agenda and program to help you reconnect your teammates, realign your visions and improve collaboration amongst your colleagues. 2 curated half day workshops are included.

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Social Activities and Community Rituals

Take part in fun activities and sessions to casually reconnect your team within a relaxed setting. With tons of experience in community building, and as local experts in our home cities of Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Vienna, we offer the perfect environment and recommendations to help you build long-lasting connections with your team.

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Long Term Retention From This Program

During the 2 custom workshops, we create an action plan for your team to use even after they finish the 3 day program. This way you can embed long-lasting behaviors and implement new practices for the new hybrid way of working. Your team will be sure to leave with new traditions, rituals, and practices to continue in their work long after their stay with us.


Here's what 'The Next Web' had to say... 1595243743223

“Having all worked from home for the past year, our team was craving to see each other in person; spending 3 days at Zoku was a really special way to bring us all back together as it allowed us to connect in a way that hasn’t been possible for a long time. The aim of our stay was to help the team get to know each other better (some colleagues have never met in-person before), sync up our plans and processes as we gear up for the TNW Conference, and share best practices with one another. Over the course of our stay, we enjoyed a diverse program of workshops, presentations, and team building exercises that helped us to achieve these goals – plus we enjoyed some great social activities in the evenings to round off our days!”

-Izzy Sayers, Community Partnerships Lead & Strategic Project Manager @ TNW

Everything You Could Need In One Building


Stay in a venue that’s specifically designed for hosting businesses, professionals and teams. In between sessions, your team can spend time collaborating, reflecting, catching up on work, or simply hanging out. Zoku acts as your one-stop shop with all of the following facilities located on-site:

  • Private Lofts for sleeping and working
  • Shared coworking spaces on our rooftop
  • An event space for large group sessions and activities
  • Private break-out rooms for smaller team collaborations and brainstorms
  • Organic and locally sourced food and drinks from our Living Kitchen restaurant & Kindred Spirits bar

Want some extra peace of mind? We also offer daily COVID quick tests so everyone on your team can feel comfortable and stay safe during their entire time with us.

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Private Lofts
& Shared Floors

Stay in one of our award-winning Zoku Loft micro-apartments, where the sleeping area is hidden and filled with everything you need to feel at home, live comfortably, work efficiently and meet with colleagues.

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Restaurant & Bar

You can conveniently purchase all food and drinks on-site from our dining area & restaurant The Living Kitchen: where meals are served at long, communal tables, bringing new tastes and stories to the mix.


Event Spaces & Breakout Rooms

Our event space and breakout rooms are designed to fuel connections, spark ideas, and boost productivity. Here we do everything to facilitate your most creative and efficient team sessions.


24/7 Coworking

Supercharge your productivity and growth even more in our inspiring coworking spaces. Open 24 hours, they’re the perfect place to get energized and mingle with others over a cup of coffee.

The breakdown

Below you can find the starting* prices for hosting a custom (Re)Connect Program at Zoku in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, or Vienna:

Reconnect pricing-132


Reconnect pricing-136


Reconnect pricing-135


*Per employee this includes: 2 overnight stays in a Loft, 2 full day (8 hour) meeting packages, 2 custom & half day (4 hour) workshops, private use of our Event Space, 2 breakfasts, and 1 communal dinner.

Get to know Zoku


The Zoku Loft is an award-winning micro-apartment concept, built for seamless living and working. In a regular hotel room, the bed dominates. We don’t think that offers the best experience—which is why we’ve tucked the bed away and put a multi-purpose table at the heart of our Loft design instead. Each micro-apartment is private, and contains a living area, kitchen, bathroom and a sturdy four-person table for dining, working or socializing.

Our communal Social Spaces make every Zoku location feel like a neighborhood in a building. These top floor spaces feature members’ coworking, meeting areas, buzzing 24-hour cafe/bars, and restaurants with open kitchens. We aim to take care of everything for our residents, freeing them up to focus on what’s important to them.

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Get to know Mischief Makers


Mischief Makers is a facilitation agency bringing energy and enjoyment to working and learning. They transform on and offline meetings, workshops and programs into engaging, interactive and meaningful experiences

As a “Facilitation Agency” they are focused on collaborative working, the power of creativity and interactive play within teams. Through their workshops and programs they shake things up in order to unlock the potential from organizations and teams.

"Work as we know it is rapidly evolving, but one thing that won't change - is how important it is for the people, the humans, in organisations to come together to connect and bond. The power of relationships, communication, collaboration and culture is more evident than ever - this is the foundation that will enables us to tackle the upcoming changes united and engaged."
Emily Hinks
Founder & CEO, Mischief Makers

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