Zoku launches program to reconnect employees

25 August 2021

The end of discussion and the beginning of a new way of working.

AMSTERDAM, 25 August 2021 – Award winning company Zoku launches ReConnect, a 3-day program to cater to the increasing need to reconnect team members and colleagues. The program is presenting ‘the end of disconnection and the beginning of a new way of working’. Developed to answer employees’ cry for guidance on the (virtual) work floor and based on research conducted over the past months to estimate what the impact of the pandemic was in the world of employment.

Research shows employees are struggling to form connections and are searching for how they best fit within a suddenly new workplace culture. Connection and productivity require a different approach outside of a physical office. Most employees are not trained or flexible enough to learn how to work under these new, and most likely permanent, working conditions brought on by the pandemic.

“The pandemic accelerated the shift in the future of work. While developing Zoku, we thoroughly researched the landscape and were early stage focusing on location-independent workers. Now we notice a shift from the traditional digital nomad to ‘corporate nomads’, people working full-time for a company while being location-independent. We have always been a flexible, hybrid home-office hybrid and have further learned during the pandemic that our spaces can be easily tailored to fit the needs of any shifting corporate environment. Creating a program to optimize productivity, communication and connection feels like a logical next step, as communication and connection is in our DNA.” – said Hans Meyer, Managing Director and Co-founder at Zoku.

Invest in your teams’ best interests

The ReConnect program has been carefully curated by the teams of Zoku and Mischief Makers. Based on their mutual experiences, they developed a 3 day, 2 night and 1 fully immersive experience to harness deeper connections and establish long-term productivity. By combining a mix of business and pleasure, the program will focus on results that help organizations reconnect, regroup and reestablish a new way of working. This will be made possible by the support of an expert, local facilitator who will create custom assignments and host workshops.

“The power of relationships, communication, collaboration and culture is more evident than ever – this is the foundation that will enable us to tackle all upcoming changes united and engaged. Switching to remote, flexible and hybrid work modes isn’t only about building effective and efficient processes – it’s essential to also invest and protect the social aspects.” – said Emily Hinks, Founder & CEO at Mischief Makers.

Result driven program

The Next Web was the first company to acknowledge these connection issues and offered to trial the first ReConnect Program. Following their experience, they felt like a team instead of like individual islands working on the same project together.

“Having all worked from home for the past year, spending the days at Zoku was a really special way to bring us all together, as it allowed us to connect in a way that hasn’t been possible for a long time. On top of the great program it was really handy to have everything under one roof.” – said Izzy Sayers, Community Partnerships Lead & Strategic Project Manager at The Next Web.


About Zoku

Zoku has invented a new category within the hotel industry with its home-office hybrid concept and award-winning Zoku Loft design. Opened in 2016 by Dutch entrepreneurs Hans Meyer and Marc Jongerius, Zoku is named after the Japanese word for family, tribe or clan. Zoku facilitates international living and working for the growing population of globetrotting professionals, location unbound flex workers and digital nomads. The bold concept, which goes far beyond the standard hotel proposition of ‘putting heads in beds’, has won numerous awards, received rave reviews from guests and is praised for its vibrant Social Spaces and unique community that facilitates real connections between residents. Zoku achieved B Corp certification in 2018, becoming one of the first hotels in the world to receive this recognition. Following its successful opening in Amsterdam, Zoku has expanded to include two new locations that opened during the pandemic: Copenhagen and Vienna. Voted “one of the 25 coolest hotels in the world” by Forbes.

About Mischief Makers

Mischief Makers is a facilitation agency bringing energy and enjoyment to working and learning. We transform on- and offline meetings, workshops and programs into engaging, interactive and meaningful experiences.

About ReConnect

ReConnect is a 3 day, 2 night, and 1 fully immersive program developed by Zoku with Mischief Makers as their facilitators, aimed at reconnecting employees with their teams or employers. This interactive experience includes curated programming and will make the difference in reconnecting, regrouping and reestablishing a new way of working for teams – ultimately increasing the sense of belonging and increasing cohesion within organizations. The program will take place physically within a Zoku location, and is set up to encompass a hybrid way of working and living both on and offline. With ReConnect, Zoku focuses on local business markets in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Vienna where companies, corporate decision makers, HR Managers, and teams can finally meet in-person again. ReConnect presents the end of disconnection and the beginning of a new way of working. All services are customized based on extensive research and feedback.


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