One in six people in the workforce feel less loyal to employer since working from home

25 August 2021

65 percent of employees feel less connected to colleagues, ultimately affecting happiness at work.

AMSTERDAM, 25 August 2021 – Over sixteen percent of employees are currently less loyal towards their employer than they were prior to the coronacrisis. This has emerged from research conducted by Zoku among 1,107 Dutch people in paid employment, carried out by Panelwizard. An important explanation seems to be a lack of physical contact. Two thirds of all respondents feel less connected with their colleagues due to working from home for a long period of time.

Changing corporate culture impacts employees

Working from home is here to stay. In order to maintain the connection between colleagues, more and more companies are opting for a more hybrid way of working – with a slight emphasis on remote work versus office facilitation by an employer. By doing this, organizations run the risk of compromising on collaboration and cohesiveness amongst employees, according to the survey. For example, more than 59 percent of employees say that team relationships and business dynamics have changed significantly since the start of the coronacrisis.

More guidance and contact needed

Not only have business dynamics changed, but 43% of survey respondents say that the culture of their company has changed as well. This has a lasting impact and, with this new hybrid way of working, will not return to the same levels as prior to the pandemic. The solution to this problem seems relatively obvious: simply seeing one another more. 78% of respondents indicated that physically meeting with colleagues has a positive influence on their happiness at work. Offering training, tools and guidance from employers on how to improve hybrid (and remote) collaboration: more than half of the employees state they long for this.

“What we have been observing for some time is an increase in location-independence and hybrid working. Before the pandemic, this was mainly for digital nomads, startups, scaleups and the self-employed. During the lockdown, everyone could start working from home and now we see that most people still aren’t going back to the office completely. There is now a shift towards ‘corporate nomads’, people who instead of working together from a fixed location at regular intervals, rather meet with each other periodically to promote connection, cooperation, knowledge sharing and job satisfaction. This will only continue to develop in the future. It is now up to companies to actively focus on facilitating connections and creating a corporate culture that combines hybrid and physical collaboration, something this research confirms.” – says Hans Meyer, managing director and co-founder of Zoku.

This research was commissioned by Zoku, the first home-office hybrid concept in Amsterdam that has been demonstrating the importance of innovative home-work life since 2016. Based on research and experience, they developed the ‘ReConnect’ program, to give employees tools to work together remotely within the organization. In an interactive way, employees within an organization learn how they can work together again, both in person and at a distance, after a long time. In doing so, the feeling of togetherness and cohesion has increased within a responsible environment.


About Zoku

Zoku has invented a new category within the hotel industry with its home-office hybrid concept and award-winning Zoku Loft design. Opened in 2016 by Dutch entrepreneurs Hans Meyer and Marc Jongerius, Zoku is named after the Japanese word for family, tribe or clan. Zoku facilitates international living and working for the growing population of globetrotting professionals, location unbound flex workers and digital nomads. The bold concept, which goes far beyond the standard hotel proposition of ‘putting heads in beds’, has won numerous awards, received rave reviews from guests and is praised for its vibrant Social Spaces and unique community that facilitates real connections between residents. Zoku achieved B Corp certification in 2018, becoming one of the first hotels in the world to receive this recognition. Following its successful opening in Amsterdam, Zoku has expanded to include two new locations that opened during the pandemic: Copenhagen and Vienna. Voted “one of the 25 coolest hotels in the world” by Forbes.

About Mischief Makers

Mischief Makers is a facilitation agency bringing energy and enjoyment to working and learning. We transform on- and offline meetings, workshops and programs into engaging, interactive and meaningful experiences.

About ReConnect

ReConnect is a 3 day, 2 night, and 1 fully immersive program developed by Zoku with Mischief Makers as their facilitators, aimed at reconnecting employees with their teams or employers. This interactive experience includes curated programming and will make the difference in reconnecting, regrouping and reestablishing a new way of working for teams – ultimately increasing the sense of belonging and increasing cohesion within organizations. The program will take place physically within a Zoku location, and is set up to encompass a hybrid way of working and living both on and offline. With ReConnect, Zoku focuses on local business markets in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Vienna where companies, corporate decision makers, HR Managers, and teams can finally meet in-person again. ReConnect presents the end of disconnection and the beginning of a new way of working.


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