March 24, 2023

Looking to explore Vienna off the beaten path? Whether you're looking to munch on a traditional Wiener Schnitzel, wine and dine all night long, dance in Vienna's best bars that keep the tracks spinning well past dawn, or explore one-of-a-kind handcrafted Viennese items, our 'Neighbors Guide to Vienna' has everything you need to truly feel like a local.



With a long-standing history of craftsmanship, this elegant city has spread its creative wings in the fashion and design world. There’s all sorts of fab design stores, flea markets and vintage boutiques in Vienna. Prices may seem above average for central European standards, but you’ll likely be rewarded with one-of-a-kind handcrafted items and gifts when shopping throughout the streets of Vienna.



Die Werkbank is a small, quaint shop with one big bold concept: everything is handmade. Instead of focusing on global brands, this place creates a space for young designers to exhibit and sell their work. The name of the shop translates to “the work bench,” reflecting its former life as a carpentry. And while the smell of sawdust has left, Die Werkbank still reeks of creativity, with each piece being unique and of the best quality. Hidden away on a quiet street, Die Werkbank is the type of shop well worth looking for.



Phil offers pop culture and culinary delights in a stylish living-room atmosphere with a shop and café combined in one space. The shop, on its innovatively renovated 140 square meters, offers an ever-changing selection of books, DVDs, and LPs. While sipping an espresso and tasting some delicious snacks on the cozy retro furniture, you can also study the sales lists, printed in the form of a menu. And yes, even the retro furniture is listed for sale! On top of this, Phil also hosts lectures and films in the evenings. Y’all ‘Phil’ good now?



Located in the heart of Vienna, Supersense is a unique, all analog concept store and manufactory, which combines a passion for preservation of photos and recordings. Supersense produces a small selection of maybe the world’s most analog products and also presents a carefully selected portfolio of exclusive analog treasures. The café of this unique place is located right at the entrance. You’ll find the attached shop with a recording studio all the way at the end. Supersense puts its heart and soul into the business and is definitely worth a visit, even if it’s just for a coffee!




Coffee & cafes

The Viennese have an undeniable sweet tooth. A trip here would be incomplete without a visit to at least one of the city’s unique cafés for “Kaffee und Kuchen (coffee and cake).  Feeling a little peckish? These, we reckon, are the best cafes in Vienna right now.



Ever considered a different place than your granny’s for a delicious piece of cake? Well, now you might and here’s why! Vollpension is Vienna’s public living room where Viennese grandmas and grandpas bake the best cakes right in front of your eyes. It’s an intergenerational place where both, young and old thrive, and where stories, experiences and food amongst different generations can be shared. Created to reduce poverty and loneliness in old age, the Vollpension encourages the exchange between generations and even offers a baking academy where grandmas and grandpas pass on their secret recipes (not all of them of course) to their students. When you visit the Vollpension, you have to try their famous Viennese Buchteln, fluffy pastry filled with different jam filling – they even offer Vuchteln (vegan) und Gluchteln (gluten free) versions so everyone can enjoy this local specialty.



Joseph Brot is a Viennese institution in the traditional art of baking. If you happen to ask people on the street where the best bread can be found, a large majority will probably refer to Joseph Brot. Joseph Brot’s philosophy is “natural” and this underlies everything they stand for. Their mission is not only to bake the best bread in Vienna, but to also serve the freshest food in the city while creating handcrafted moments of bliss with their to-die-for pastries. They have six different bakeries in Vienna, three featuring a little bistro, and they also have a stall on the famous Karmelitermarkt, happening every Saturday from 7 AM – 1 PM. It’s definitely worth waking up early for!



When you stand in front of Hildebrandt Café’s old facade, you would never expect that you’re about to enter Vienna’s trendiest café. Fresh coffee from a chrome coffee machine, Instagram-worthy dishes and a lot of good vibes is what you’ll get when paying a visit to this unique café nestled on the ground floor of the Volkskunde Museum. During summertime, the café opens its doors to the garden with outdoor seating possibilities – perfect to get the vitamin D flowing. All in all, it’s the perfect place to enjoy coffee, cake, breakfast and cocktails!



The name says it all, a crème de la crème and extraordinarily charming patisserie with a harmonious interior. This little piece of France, with a very sweet soul, awaits you with numerous delicacies, delicious macarons and a large selection of cakes and pies. Trust us, it’s the place to be if you’re in need of a sweet dose. Craving more than just a sweet treat? Crème de la crème also offers breakfast and lunch.



Gentle Italian music will charm your ears at Café Balthasar in Vienna’s 2nd district, while the warm interior takes care of the rest. It’s rough pastel-specked walls, blue and white mosaic counter and hardwood floors make it a place you’ll want to stop for a while and drink coffee after coffee until you go owl-eyed. Balthasar is also known for being the most elegant espresso bar in town serving fair-trade coffee from Kenya, Ethiopia, and Brazil. Fun fact: if you turn up here more than once, the baristas will most likely remember your order!




Eating out is a popular pastime in the Austrian capital and dishes often place a focus on high-quality seasonal and regionally sourced ingredients. The first thing that comes up to mind when thinking about Vienna’s food scene is probably Wiener Schnitzel, but there is far more to this place than just stodgy comfort food. An ever-expanding array of international restaurants and multicultural food markets means that these days you can get your hands on everything from imperial favorite Tafelspitz, to Mediterranean nibbs, and Asian-style ramen here.



Skoptik & Lohn is situated in a tucked-away corner and is still somewhat a secret to most Viennese people. The first thing you’ll notice is the wonderful artistic ceiling composed of seemingly random white and black stripes. The restaurant’s design will remind you of a typical Austrian beisl and a modern continental bistro, creating an atmosphere that is both chic and traditional. The Austrian-influenced menu, with a French and Italian twist, is short and sweet and yet imaginative enough to keep both the guest and the locals intrigued. You won’t be able to leave this place without trying the traditional Wiener Schnitzel!


Restaurant Labstelle is a sympathetic designer location with a creatively implemented traditional cuisine. It has an open and airy atmosphere, and with its outdoor patio, you can even enjoy your food outside. Their food is regionally rooted with an urban flair and they cook with only the best ingredients. Whether you visit Labstelle in the morning, at noon, or in the evening, good vibes are always guaranteed at this place!



The ramen hype has also made its way to Austria’s capital. Mochi Ramen Bar has been celebrating the Japanese cult soup just around the corner from Zoku with freshly homemade ramen noodles, strong broths and a variety of toppings every day. They offer daily lunch specials and desserts for your sweet soul – including mochi of course!



Minimalism ahoy, but fortunately only for the interior! The pizzas at Pizza Mari’ are lavish and you’ll never leave the restaurant with an empty stomach. The menu has a lot to offer so anyone can be sure to find the pizza they’re looking for. Also craving a juicy and fluffy pizza crust with delicious tomatoes and melting cheese? We sure are too! Make sure to also check out “Supermari”, their café and mini supermarket right across the street, where you can enjoy an all-day classic Italian breakfast, including one of the most authentic espressos you often see people queuing for.



Figlmüller is one of Vienna’s most famous restaurants and offers a range of traditional Austrian dishes. Brothers Hans Jr. and Thomas Figlmüller are maintaining the restaurant’s tradition, which is now in its fourth Figlmüller generation. It’s a fine place to chat and celebrate while offering a range of Austrian dishes – not to forget about their world-famous schnitzel! Fun fact: Figlmüller’s schnitzel does not come from veal (like it is traditionally) but rather from pork. This is definitely worth a visit.


Bars & Nightlife


Small but mighty, Vienna’s nightlife scene punches above its weight, featuring clubs that take music seriously and keep the tracks spinning well past dawn. Given its Central European location, it’s also a semi-regular stop for big-name touring bands. And the best news? The metro runs through the night on Fridays and Saturdays, meaning you can easily venue-hop if you fancy a change of scenery.



We know it’s been some time since you were able to let yourself go in a club. However, Pratersauna should be high on your list as soon as clubs reopen. Pratersauna is a former Sauna in Vienna’s Prater district and is among the city’s hottest clubs. Techno and lector are the mainstays of this stylish and original location. Did you know Zoku Vienna’s doors are right around the corner? If that isn’t convenient after a wild night out, I don’t know what is!



“Everybody’s Darling” is not only the name of this bar, it also explains the concept behind it. In fact, it’s a bar for everyone at any time. You can go for a drink in the evening, enjoy a late breakfast or an early lunch during the day – so ‘everybody’s darling’ in other words! Depending on the time you walk in, you’ll likely have a completely different experience here, so make sure you drop by often to fully enjoy the space in all its facets.



You’ll definitely have a hard time finding this gem. Only the yellow luminescent display gives you some idea of what the bar has in store for you. Moby Dick is a place-to-be-bar with absolutely outstanding cocktails and sophisticated dishes. Their motto is “no waste – just taste” and emphasizes their strong desire for sustainability. It’s their top priority to only use regional, seasonal, untreated, fair and organic products. Sounds like a lot of work, but once you try their cocktails, you can tell it’s definitely worth it.



Krypt is one of Vienna’s most fascinating bars located in a historical vaulted cellar. You would hardly believe that the narrow stairway at the entrance would open out into a 250 square meter architectural jewel. Seldom is a bar in Vienna so generously laid out. The historic vaulted cellar, with an alleged past as a semi-legal jazz club in the 1950s & 1960s, has been remodeled into a stylish, modern bar. Just ring their bell and see what happens.



Welcome aboard! According to Viennese people, Motto am Fluss is a calm oasis in the middle of the city – and definitely the place to be during summer! “Motto-Maker” Bernd Schlacher focused on style, coolness, dolce vita and elegance during the redesign a few years ago. Motto am Fluss is inspired by the Venice of the 50’s with a casual look into the future, a modern ambience and a dash of international flair. The bar is a popular meeting point for after-work and pre-party guests, and from Thursday to Saturday you can enjoy live sounds on the deck from international DJs.


One-Stop Shop



We may be biased… but you’ll definitely feel right at home at Zoku Vienna. Bringing together both travelers and locals, we provide a home base for people who want to live and work in the city anywhere from a few days to a few months. Whether you want to live in our Lofts, grab a bite to eat in our Living Kitchen restaurant, enjoy a drink from our Kindred Spirits bar, or spend a day working in our coworking spaces and meeting rooms, our hybrid hotel have got you covered.

Want to see for yourself? Visit us and grab one of our printed maps!

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