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What is Zoku?

Facilitating global living and working for the traveling professional, Zoku, is a home-office hybrid, also suitable for long stays, with the services of a hotel and the social buzz of a thriving neighborhood. Zoku is a relaxed place to live, work and socialize with like-minded people while getting wired into the city.

What does Zoku mean?

Zoku is a Japanese word for Family, Tribe or Clan. In the 90’s in Japan, it used to be a cultural movement, where people with the same lifestyle live together.

Who is Zoku for?

Zoku has been designed for global nomads: international entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, project managers, management consultants and free movers-and-shakers. They share entrepreneurial interests and are curious and open-minded. They can be individuals as well as groups like project teams, incubators, start-ups and due diligence teams.

What is the Zoku Loft?

The Zoku Loft is an ideal base of operation, offering all the comfort and efficiency you need. It is a spacious micro apartment for both living and working.

Setting a new standard in intelligent use of space, the Zoku Loft can be personalized and comes with all the necessary residential and business facilities. In a regular hotel room or studio apartment, the bed is always the most dominant object, while here the kitchen table is the paramount centre for laptops or candles and a bottle of wine. In the Zoku Loft, the sleeping area can be screened off to make it cozy, business-like or something in between.

Check-out all facts about our Zoku Lofts here.

How many Zoku Lofts do you have in Amsterdam?

We have 70 Zoku Lofts and 55 Zoku Loft XL’s and a few specials, offering 133 Lofts in total.

How big are the Zoku Lofts?

We have two main loft types and a few special room types. Our Zoku Loft is 24m2 / 258ft2 , and our Zoku Loft XL is 30m2 / 323ft2. Zoku has a few special room types as well: the Zoku Loft XXL is a two bedroom, two bathroom loft of 46 m2 / 495ft2 and is wheelchair-accessible. The Zoku Room measures 16m2 / 172ft2 and can connect to a Zoku Loft XL. The Zoku Bunk is a compact 13m2 / 140ft2.

Where is Zoku located?

Our first location is very centrally located on Weesperstraat, in the Eastern canal district of Amsterdam.

We’re a 3-minute walk away from public transport (metro, tram and bus) and close to all the important business and leisure areas. It is also within cuddling distance from many important educational institutes, culture, shops and entertainment.

How do I get to Zoku Amsterdam?

It’s very easy to get to Zoku Amsterdam, whether you are traveling by car, plane or public transport. For specific directions, check out our Location Page.

Can I use the bed in the WorkLoft?

We are currently renting out the WorkLofts as offices, so the bed is not available to use during the day. If you decide you want to pull an all-nighter, you are welcome to upgrade to an overnight stay and sleep in the bed for an additional €75,00. Otherwise the couch is available for power naps!

Am I allowed to work in the Social Spaces upstairs?

Due to the recent guidelines set by the Dutch government, it is currently not possible to use Zoku’s Social Spaces and Communal Working Spaces on the 6th floor. You are also welcome to book one of our meeting rooms if you want to work in a private space upstairs.

Can I eat lunch in the room?

Yes, we offer room service delivery so you are welcome to eat lunch privately in your WorkLoft! You can otherwise choose to eat upstairs on the 6th floor in our Living Kitchen (at a safe 1.5m distance from other guests and staff).

Is coffee and tea included?

To keep you motivated while working, coffee, tea and water is included and available to make as soon as you enter your room. You’re welcome to order coffee from our barista at the bar upstairs, but this is not included in the flat rate.

Is there a screen/monitor I can use?

Each room has as TV screen that can function as a monitor by connecting your laptop with an HDMI cable. Please note that the TV-screen cannot be moved, so the working table would then need to be adjusted in front of the TV accordingly.

Can I make use of the Rooftop Terrace if the weather is nice?

Everyone needs some fresh air to stay productive, so you’re free to have a small break on our Rooftop Terrace. If you so do, please keep in mind social distancing guidelines and staying 1.5m away from guests to keep yourself and our staff safe.

How does check-in work?

When you arrive at Zoku, please ring the bell and we will open the door for you. Check-in is on the 6th floor, so just head on in to the elevator and go all the way to the top. Our staff will be there to then help you check-in and answer any other questions that may arise during your working day.

How can I pay?

If you book on our website, we ask you to pay the moment you book. If you would rather pay on-site, please call to make your reservation and keep in mind you can then only pay with debit or credit card.

Can I book for a longer period of time?

Of course! Please get in touch with our reservations team at and we’ll get you sorted!

Do I need to pay online for my booking?

A credit card guarantee is sufficient. For all details regarding payments check out our Terms & Conditions.

Can I pay in advance for my stay?

Yes, for some rates you can choose to pay beforehand. When choosing a non-refundable rate, you pay for your entire stay upon booking. By booking a flexible hotel stay (up to 4 nights), you pay for your booking upon check-in, while for short and long stay rates (above 4 nights), 25% of your stay is deducted 7 days before arrival.

If you have booked a flexible rate but do wish to pay for your booking in advance, this is possible as well! Please send an email to, mentioning your booking number to request a secure payment link.

For all details regarding payments check out Terms & Conditions.

Do I have to pay a security deposit for my stay?

We will ask for a €50,00 security deposit per night for your stay, with a maximum of €250,00. This will be arranged upon arrival and will be refunded to you when you leave.

How long in advance can I alter my booking?

Staying up to 4 nights? You can alter your booking free of charge up to 24 hours prior to arrival. Staying longer? Please let us know latest 7 day prior to your arrival.

Please note: Changes in date, Loft type, or number of nights can lead to different rates and are subject to availability. For group bookings and non-refundable rates alternative rules apply, which can be found in our Terms & Conditions. To be sure what rules apply to your booking, login to your personal Zoku account.

How can I cancel or alter my booking?

You can review, cancel and alter your booking by logging into your personal Zoku Account on our website.

You can also reach out to our lovely Reservations team at or call +31 20 811 28 11

How long in advance can I cancel my booking?

Regular hotel rates (up to 4 nights stay) can be cancelled up to 24 hours prior to arrival. Short stay rates (5 to 27 nights) can be cancelled up to 3 days prior to arrival. Longer stay rates (28+ nights) can be cancelled without charge up to 7 nights prior to arrival. For group bookings and non-refundable rates, alternative rules apply, which can be found in our Terms & Conditions. To be sure what rules apply to your booking, login to your personal account.

What kind of credit cards does Zoku accept?

Zoku accepts all major credit cards.

What kind of other payment methods does Zoku accept?

Next to accepting all major credit cards, Zoku accepts iDeal as payment methods for non-refundable bookings.

I want to book several rooms. How can I do that?

Looking to book 10 rooms or more? You can write us at and we will be happy to help.

How much is the local tourist tax in Amsterdam?

The local tourist tax in Amsterdam is 7% + €3,00 per person per day.
Staying with us for quite a long time? The flat city tax of €3,00 per person per day is only applicable for the first 21 nights.

Can I add another person to my booking?

The Zoku Loft and Zoku Loft XL can host two people maximum. Want to bring a roommate? This is an additional €10,00 per night excluding city tax. Please note that we cannot place an extra bed in the room.

Just give us a call on +31 20 811 28 11 or send an email to and we’re happy to help you out!

What time is check-in?

Our regular check-in time is 15:00. We cannot guarantee an early check-in, but we’ll do our best to have your room ready as soon as possible.

Arriving early? You can leave your bags in one of our big lockers – see the answer below.

Arriving late? No worries – we’re open 24/7. If you’re planning to arrive after midnight, please do get in touch.

How do I check-in at Zoku Amsterdam?

Zoku’s a little different to what you might be used to. When you arrive, walk straight through our entryway, jump in an elevator and head up to the 6th floor.

You’ll find our self check-in kiosks right at the entrance to the Living Room, where you can settle any remaining balances and grab yourself a keycard.

Prefer a more personal way? Our Sidekicks would love to help you further.

I am arriving early. Can I store my luggage or other belongings?

No problem: We have spacious lockers available to safely store your luggage. If you need to store it just before checking in or after checking out for the day, we don’t charge a thing! After that, it’s €6 per day. For freshening up before hitting the town, you can use our Changing Room; a place to have a shower, change your clothing or just checking your make-up if your Loft is not available yet.

At what time do I have to check-out?

If the day has come for you to leave us, our check-out time is 11:00AM.

Reluctant to leave your Loft? You can arrange a late checkout, to either 12:00 (€15), 14:00 (€25) or 17:00 (€50). Just ask a Sidekick!

Please note that late check outs are based on availability.

How can I check-out at Zoku Amsterdam?

You can check-out on our sixth floor, either on our self-service kiosks or with one of our wonderful Sidekicks.

I want to stay a bit longer in town after checking out. Can I store my luggage or other belongings?

No Problem: We have spacious lockers available at extra charge to safely store your luggage. For freshening up before starting your travels, you can use our Changing Room; a place to have a shower, change your clothing or just checking your make-up after you have checked out of your Loft.

For how long can I stay at Zoku?

We always say: the longer you stay, the more you get out of it. That means you’re welcome to stay with us from a night to a year. Beware: longer stays might cause some separation anxiety.

My company would like to have its employees stay at Zoku. Whom should I contact?
We’d love to discuss a partnership with you and your company! Drop our amazing reservations team an email at and they will arrange a meeting with you.
Can I rent bikes when I’m there?

You can rent stylish-looking bikes at Zoku, taking you in your own pace around town. The longer you stay, the further you go: booking a bike for a longer time will give you better prices. Bike rental rates start at €18,00 per day incl. insurance. Ask a Sidekick at the 6th floor and they’ll help you out with renting one.

Where can I get tickets for public transport?

In Amsterdam you can easily travel via public transport with a so-called “OV card”. These are available at every metro stop and train station. You can buy and re-load these cards to use them during your entire stay for metro’s, trams, buses and trains. Single tickets are also available, but you will be charged a little extra.

Where can I find the cool local highlights of Amsterdam?

We have a great local guide with hotspots of Amsterdam. You can also check out our Pinterest for more of these lovely local hotspots. Feel free to make any suggestions of cool places you know of! We are currently working on a social agenda with events and happenings in and around Zoku Amsterdam. This will be posted on our website before we open, so stay tuned!

How often does my Loft get cleaned?
Cleaning is done every third day, no matter how long you stay with us. Additional cleaning can be easily arranged at an extra charge when making a booking or when desired by asking a Sidekick. Even arranging a quick extra cleaning if you need to erase evidence of last night’s party is not a problem at Zoku! At the end of your corridor, you can also find our guest pantry, which includes any extras you may need in between cleaning; extra towels, plates, glasses, blankets and more!
Are Zoku staff present during the evening?

Yes, Zoku is staffed 24/7, which means you can find them at any time in the social spaces and reach them by phone, even if you’re still living in different time zone.

Do you have rooms with twin beds?

Zoku does not have any rooms with Twin Beds but you can use the Zoku Bootstrap rooms which have bunk beds. In order to check availability and book one of the Zoku Bootstrap rooms please contact us via this e-mail: or call +31 (0) 20 811 28 11.

Are there rooms that allow disabled access?

Yes, we have one of our Zoku Lofts XXL with wheelchair access.

I'm moving my business to Amsterdam. What should I do?

You can register your business at Zoku as a company address for the time you’re staying at ours. In order to do that, you can contact one of our Sidekicks who will help you with the registration process.

I'm receiving a package. What should I do?

You can have your package sent to Zoku prior or during your stay. In order to make sure the package goes into the right hands, it is crucial to write the ‘ship-to’ address including your reservation number for confirmation. The proper mailing address to be used is for the shipment of boxes or other parcels to Zoku is as follows:Zoku Amsterdam
The name on your reservation and confirmation number (crucial)
Weesperstraat 105
1018 VN Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T: ……………………… (your phone number)

Please inform us when you are expecting a package by sending an e-mail to or call +31 20 811 28 11.

Upon receipt, boxes and parcels are placed in Zoku’s receiving room. When your package is received before arrival, a message is added to your reservation as a reminder upon check-in. You can contact one of our Sidekicks in order to collect your mail. If we receive your package during your stay, one of our Sidekicks will try to give you a call to your room. For safety reasons, Zoku will not accept any packages, letters, including concert tickets after check-out. We cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged goods.

I'm sending a package. What should I do?

You can easily send a package from Zoku Amsterdam. The only thing you have to do is to contact one of our Sidekicks, they can help you request a pickup time for your parcel.

I want to read a book. Where can I find a library?

Our Living Room at the 6th floor has a library with inspiring reading, the latest news and best bedtime stories.

I have feedback, whom should I contact?

In case you have any feedback please do share it with us! Our Sidekicks on the 6th floor are always there to help. You can also contact us directly on +31 20 811 28 11 or e-mail us on

What about children? Can I stay at Zoku with my family?

As Zoku is a working-living hybrid, we are not ideal for children. If your family is in town, we do have baby cots available (age 0 – 3) and also can provide foldaway children’s mattresses (age 4 – 12) upon request at a surcharge. Please note: the Zoku Loft and Bunk cannot accommodate children and infants, but the Zoku Loft XL and the Zoku Loft XXL can accommodate a maximum of one infant or child.

What facilities do the Zoku Lofts offer?

Our Zoku Lofts include all the necessary residential and business facilities, offering all the comfort and efficiency you need. Check out our Stay Page for a detailed overview of all facilities per Zoku Loft type.

Besides the Zoku Loft, what are your facilities?

We have 500m2 / 5382ft2 of Social Spaces. The Social Spaces offer a warm welcome bar, a living room, a living kitchen, co-working spaces, meeting rooms and tailored retail, which is well stocked to cater all practical needs of Zoku’s international mix of residents.

In addition to that, we’ll have a Treatment Room, a Game Room, Music Corner, Locker Room, Launderette, Guest Pantries (which have extra kitchen utilities) and a Changing Room where you can take a shower after a long flight when your room is not ready yet for check-in.

Do you have a gym?

We don’t believe in hotel gyms tucked away in a basement somewhere. To make sure you can stay (or become) really fit, Zoku partnered up with High Studios, a gym in our building on the ground floor. Just go out through our main exit and take a right, it’s the big glass corner at the road that goes underneath the building. You can join these intense, 45 minute, HIIT classes, no contract needed. If you show your Zoku key, you’ll get a special Zoku discount for €10 per lesson instead of €18 per session. We also plan a range of healthy activities for you to join, such as bootcamps and pre-work yoga classes for example, which you can find in the community events section on our website. We also have a contract with Vondelgym, which allows our residents to have monthly membership for €55. It’s a month to month membership, so you are free to cancel whenever you wish. Simply show your key / membership at the Vondelgym desk and you can sign up!

Do you have a treatment room?

Zoku has a treatment room where specialists from Amsterdam offer a range of massages and beauty treatments to get you fresh on your feet, completely relaxed or whatever your need might be. Currently, this treatment room is located in the staircase between floor 0 and 1. To take a look at our treatment menu or to book a treatment, visit our Treatment Room page.

Is there Wi-Fi at Zoku?

Wi-Fi is practically one of our basic needs next to food and water, and we take this very seriously at Zoku. We make sure you have the best, most stable Wi-Fi connection there is – free of charge of course.

Will there be parking available at Zoku Amsterdam?

Yes! Zoku offers 21 parking spaces, including 2 charging points for electric cars, and parking space for bikes & scooters. You can easily reserve one of the 21 parking spaces located right behind Zoku on Weesperstraat via the Vicky reservation webpage or mobile app. Click to find out more. These parking spaces are easily accessible and located right behind Zoku on Weesperstraat and are offered to Zoku Residents at a significant discount compared to on-street parking in Amsterdam (the price starts at €35,00 per day and long & shortstay discounts apply).

How do I get to Zoku from the Airport?

Very simple, there are two different options:

Option 1) At Schiphol Airport, take the train to Amsterdam Centraal Station (this is also a stop for trains going towards Amersfoort or Lelystad Centrum). From Centraal Station take Metro 51 (direction Westwijk), Metro 53 (direction Gaasperplas), or Metro 54 (direction Gein) to the Waterlooplein Metro Station (2 stops). From there it’s a 3-minute walk to Zoku down Weesperstraat, direction Weesperplein. The trip will take you around 30 to 40 minutes.

Option 2) At Schiphol Airport, take the train to Amsterdam Zuid station (this is a stop for trains going towards Weesp, Utrecht Centraal, Amersfoort Schothorst, Almere Oostvaarders or Enschede). There, take Metro 51 (direction Centraal Station) to Weesperplein Metro Station. From there it’s a 3-minute walk to Zoku down Weesperstraat, direction Waterlooplein.

Will there be parking available for (larger) events at Zoku Amsterdam?

If you require a larger number of parking spaces, you can use the Vicky mobile app to find and reserve your parking space at locations nearby, such as WeWork, Parking Middenweg, or Restaurant Dauphine. The app shows you the quickest walking or public transport route, and enables you to book a Uber to Zoku. Click to find out more.

Can I do my laundry myself? And do you have dry cleaning service available?

We have a Launderette with professional laundry equipment, geared to wash (almost) all that needs cleaning. It’s located in our basement (floor -1). Coins for the machines are available for purchase at the bar (6th floor). We do not provide irons in our Lofts, but you can find them in our Laundrette on floor -1. Professional dry cleaning and even a tailor are available as well.

It's 6 in the morning. Where's my coffee?

Our Coffee Bar opens at 7AM, but hey, some situations just call for urgent measures. Please ask our sidekicks and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Long day...I need a refreshing cold beer. Where should I go?

A fine selection of beers is available at our Beer Bar on the 6th floor. The Beer Bar is the place to come together while enjoying a drink and a small savory snack. These snacks are mostly local and served on platters designed to share.

I want to change the art in my room. What should I do?

You have the freedom to personalize your Loft by switching the existing art on the wall with other pieces. Next to the elevator on each of the Loft floors, you can borrow and/or swap art (also from local artists) upon preference. You can find the art swapping station at the end of each corridor which has plenty of artsy choices.

I’ve forgotten to pack my toothbrush, hairbrush and floss. It is 23:00, and I am totally exhausted. Help!

No worries, you can shop for basic “i-forgot-to-pack-these” items in our (Almost) Everything Store and Vending Machine (6th floor) – at honest prices of course.

It's raining outside, and I want to watch a movie, but not alone in my Loft. What should I do?

We have the perfect place for you. In our cozy TV & Game room on the 6th floor you can enjoy exciting movies and great company to boot.

What else happens in the TV/Game Room?

Besides watching movies you can also play with our Wii U, or go analog with fun board games. We are regularly organizing game or movie nights, to make sure no one will ever get bored. If you feel like meeting in an untraditional meeting room, the Game Room can also be rented as such.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are allowed on our terrace and in our living room and co-working space, but not in our Lofts or Living Kitchen.

Am I allowed to smoke inside?

As per our national law, it is not allowed to smoke inside any building. But don’t worry: we do have a lovely rooftop terrace where smoking is allowed and accompanied by a stunning view. We would like to stress though that drug use, possession, and selling of any kind is strictly prohibited on Zoku’s premises. Please note: We do have to charge a deep-clean fee of at least €250 / DKK1875 if you do decide smoke in your Loft.

I miss my guitar, and I want to play some music. Where can I go?

Feel like jamming? We have a Music Corner at Zoku. There you can find a selection of instruments, including a guitar, keyboard, percussion instruments and the good old triangle for those who mostly just like to watch and enjoy. Go to the 6th floor and find your band. All you really need is a big load of enthusiasm and a vague sense of rhythm.

I lost or forgot my stuffed Teddy at Zoku. Will I ever see him again?

We will do everything to bring you back together. Simply click on the iLost button on our website and search for it. All lost items will be entered and will be visible immediately after we’ve found them. After only a few steps you will be reunited with your beloved teddy again! (Unfortunately, we can only keep your teddy for a month before we’ll have to clear space for someone else’s.)

iLost logo
Do you offer airport pick-up?

Zoku can arrange airport pick ups for Residents at an extra charge – you’ll be able to reserve this through our add-on email sent 5 days before arrival.

Alternatively, Taxi Electric are always ready to give you a ride (call them at: +31 88 100 4444, or book a taxi with a discount here).

In case you would prefer Uber – their services are also widely available throughout Amsterdam.

What are Zoku’s breakfast options?

In the Living Kitchen we serve a buffet full of delicious choices and a few hearty breakfast dishes.

What are the breakfast times?

International buffet:
07:00 – 10:00 (weekdays)
Weekend Brunch:
08:00 – 14:00 (weekends)
Continental / to go breakfast:
6:00 – 13:00

What about lunch and dinner?

The Living Kitchen serves daily lunch and dinner: simple, fresh and healthy dishes to enjoy together with other Zoku Residents. Fancy a quick bite or something for on the go? Grab & go food and beverage items are available 24/7 at our (Almost) Everything Store. Even a vending machine is in place to satisfy a cheeky craving for a candy bar at any time. Feeling like cooking yourself? Extra cooking equipment is available in the Pantry to create a delicious meal in your own Zoku Loft!

12:00 – 14:00
18:30 – 22:00

I’m arriving in the middle of the night at Zoku and I am hungry. Anything I can get to eat?

No worries, our (Almost) Everything Store and Vending machine can help you out: from a candy bar to wine and an instant dinner, we’ve got your back 24/7, no matter what time zone you’re currently still in!

I have a date, and I want to show my cooking skills but I need more kitchenware. What should I do?

At Zoku we know that love goes through the tummy. We have additional kitchen utensils available for your use in the Pantry which is situated on every Loft floor.

I want to cook with my neighbors, but my kitchen is not big enough. What should I do?

You can use the Kitchen Dialogue room based upon availability. In case you want to make a reservation you can always go to one of our Sidekicks to request a time.

Can I charge my food and drink on my room account?

Yes, upon authorization of your credit card you can opt to charge food and drinks on your Loft account.

I want to book a meeting room. How can I do this?

You can scope out our meeting rooms here and make a reservation straightaway on your own if you fancy. You can also contact us directly by sending an email to or calling us at +31208112812 (between 8.00 and 18.30). If you are currently staying with us at Zoku, please ask a Sidekick for help, and they’ll get you sorted!

Besides the Meeting Rooms, do you have other spaces I can use to work?

Zoku offers plenty of communal working space for its residents and members. Not a resident or a member? You can buy a Day Pass at the bar for €35 including lunch, or learn more about becoming a member at You can work solo or together in the co-working areas, or join in on any of our long, communal tables and comfortable nooks in our Social Spaces. They can handle everything from writing reports to creative brainstorm sessions – you can even 3D print your next prototype. The Wi-Fi is stable, high-speed and free everywhere.

Just coming to catch up with a friend or a colleague? No need to buy a day pass. There’s always a spot to squeeze in and a chance to be social at Zoku.

I would like to plan an event at Zoku Amsterdam, whom should I contact?

You can share and submit some information about your event here. Alternatively, contact us at or call us at +31 20 811 28 12 for further information.

Do you have AV equipment?

Yes, all Zoku meeting rooms are equipped with a tv-screen that you can easily connect via HDMI or ClickShare. Need to speak for a large group? The Event Space has a more extensive offering of audiovisual equipment. Please send an email to to discuss possibilities.

I see you offer a secretarial service. How can I make use of that?

Having trouble keeping up your busy head with all the chores you have to do? No worries, we’ve got your back! Our partner Headroom can help you get the perfect virtual or non-virtual assistant. Check out what Headroom can offer here.

I need to print something. Where can I do this?

You can print and bind small documents in the co-working space. You can also 3D print your latest prototypes (or a funky earring for that neighbor you met last night). For bigger pieces, you can use discounted services from our neighbors downstairs at Multicopy. Their pricelist can be viewed in the Co-working Spaces or check here.

I'd prefer working in my Loft, do you offer any office supplies?

The Zoku Loft is equipped with some basic office supplies, like a paper roll, a pencil, scissors, tape dispenser, perforator and stapler. In case you need more office facilities you can book an additional Office Toolbox that includes a printer, notebook, pens, post-its, elastic bands, paper clips, colored markers, pins, ruler and a de-stapler.

I would love to work for Zoku Amsterdam. Whom should I contact?

We’re happy to see you are interested, you can first take a look at our Join the Team page for open positions at Zoku Amsterdam, or send your CV and motivation to for an open application.

Can you guys keep me up-to-date with any progress made?

Yes of course! Just sign up to our newsletter here like us / follow us on social media. You can find the newsletter sign up and social media links in our footer on the bottom of every one of our website pages.

I want to write an article about Zoku, how does it work?

That’s fantastic! You can request more information on our press page and our PR team will get back to you shortly. Happy writing!

I have a cool location for Zoku. Who should I contact?

Great! Submit your ideas and, if selected, we’ll make sure it’s worth your while. Shoot us an email at: In addition, have a look at our Global Rollout page.

When will you open new locations in London, Paris, etc?

We are currently working on it with our Rollout team. We are striving to open at least 5 locations as soon as possible. If you have any suggestions regarding possible locations, please send an e-mail to We are looking into cities such as London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels and Barcelona. For more information please visit our Global Rollout page.

I tried to click something on the website, but it doesn’t work?

Thank you for pointing that out to us. Since Zoku is in constant BETA mode, we’ll get on it directly with our web developer. If you’re so inclined, shoot us an e-mail at with the issue(s).

I would be interested in setting up a community partnership with Zoku. Who should I contact?

Fantastic! You can contact our Community Lead, Hidde van Gelder, he’s always excited to meet new people and tie them together into Zoku’s web of amazing partners. Give him a shout at

Can I reach Zoku Amsterdam by phone?

Our Reservations team is available Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 18.30, but you can call us any time of day at +31 20 811 28 11.

What does Zoku do in terms of sustainability?

At Zoku, we see including sustainability into your daily operations as common sense as well as common business practice. We have a Bcorp certification and Gold GreenKey certificate, which means that we comply with the standards set by the official Dutch environmental foundation, “Stichting Keurmerk, Milieu, Veiligheid en Kwaliteit”. Next to attaining this well-known certificate, we go way beyond the normal standards of sustainability within the hotel industry. Curious? Find out more on our Sustainability page.

I'm struggling to understand a word, do you have a glossary?

In a matter of fact, we do! We created a glossary for all terms related to mobility, relocations, expats, co-working, business travel and more. You can find it here.

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