You know the moment when you welcome someone into your home for the first time, and have to show them where to find the forks and the towels (and the secret cookie stash)? We thought we’d do that in a blog post, and give you a few insider tips on how to get the most out of your short stay at Zoku Amsterdam!

1. Pick apart your Loft

Our Amsterdam Lofts move the focus of the room from the bed to the living space, creating an airy, open space for you to host, meet and relax in. With the bed into its own secluded, closable space, you can divide day and night in the room – something you won’t find in anything less than a suite. This also allowed us to fit the Loft with a whole range of little storage spots. Take a look around – do you notice the small brown tabs? Those are for you to pull – have a peek at what’s inside every cupboard! (You won’t find Narnia, unfortunately)

2. Raid The Pantry

So, you’ve looked inside every cupboard and are now alarmed that you haven’t found any hotel slippers to steal! No worries – take a little walk down to the very end of the hallway (away from the elevators) and you’ll find our Pantry. There’s extra towels, plates and cups, pots and pans, cleaning tools and yes, slippers. Take what you need, just don’t forget to return what you’ve borrowed!

3. Also Raid the Almost-everything Store

Have you forgotten something at home? Are you hungry at an odd hour? Good news – our Almost-everything Store on the 6th floor has, well, almost everything. There’s a couple of things you can borrow and return (adapters, cables, stationery), a couple of souvenirs to take with you (Pikaplants and homemade sweaters) and quite a few things we’d really rather you didn’t return (snacks and salads, drinks, contraceptives…)

4. Rent a Zoku bike

When in Amsterdam, do as the Amsterdammers do and pedal yourself around the city! We have super high-quality, Amsterdam-friendly bikes available for rent for a small fee. It’s the best way to explore at your own pace, and is more cost-effective (and environmentally friendly) too.

5. Say Hi to Timmy & Toby

We all need a moment of cathartic release sometimes – good thing that our house pets are great listeners! Head up to the 6th floor living room and meet Timmy, our pet dog (he’s a bit quiet…mostly because he’s plastic) and Toby, our pet goldfish. Feel free to share what’s on your mind with them.

6. Print a cactus (or two) on our 3D Printer

Just along from Timmy and Toby is our 3D printer, which you’re totally welcome to use during your stay! Just approach one of our sidekicks, and they’ll be able to get you up and running. We like printing cacti – you might see some around during your stay – but you can print anything you’d like.

7. Get Co-working

As a resident at Zoku, you have access to our bright and inspiring co-working space on the 6th floor. With plenty of natural elements and all the stationery you might ever need, we’re sure you’ll be steaming through your work. We take a Fika together (a Swedish break with sweet treats and hot drinks) every day at 3:30pm, to slow down and lighten the work day. And if you find yourself procrastinating, why not…

8. Meet new people

We don’t just put heads in beds, we make connections. Our global community of likeminded individuals is truly unique in hospitality – during your stay you’ll be surrounded by business nomads who are passing by, art directors on half-year residencies, and daytime work members who live and breathe Amsterdam. We’re the perfect place to learn something new, bounce ideas off of someone, or just have a chat with someone from a different part of the world.

9. Join a community event

With your new-found friends, why not attend one of our many community events? There’s always something on no matter what your interests are – from amazing live music to inspirational talks from renowned speakers. Why not have a chat with our community manager, Hidde, who can give you advice on the best events in town for your interests.


SecretCityTrails (not in Amsterdam, obviously)

10. Play a Secret City Trails game

Not interested in any of our events? Why not try one of the amazing Amsterdam city games by SecretCityTrails, which take you on a tour through some of the most interesting and unique spots to see in the city. We’re even featured in one of the eastern-region games! It’s great fun with friends, no matter whether you’ve known them forever, or just met them at Zoku. Explore the options here and use the code zoku15 for a special discount!

11. Have a healthy and delicious meal

All of this socialising and exploring can be tiring – it’s a great idea then to settle down in our Living Kitchen for a deliciously healthy, nourishing meal. With a daily changing buffet lunch, and a weekly changing dinner menu, you’re sure to find something on the menu to enjoy. Do you fancy a chat with our chefs? Feel free to grab a seat right on the kitchen table – they’ve always got something to say!

12. Start a jam session

After dinner, why not saunter over to the living room – those instruments hanging on the wall aren’t for show, they’re there for you to practice with and even start a full jam session with! You don’t have to be a musical prodigy to enjoy an evening of music – just grab the maracas! It’s the perfect way to socialise and create memories, and end the day literally on a high note.

If you’re visiting Amsterdam for 5 to 27 nights, why not try one of the coolest hotels in the world, and Live Zoku for your short stay! Our best prices are always available directly from our website – book now at