Waterbrush Painting Class

Come join us for a fun and creative waterbrush painting class with Reenie Rose at Zoku!

Unleash your creativity

Learn the basics of watercolor painting with simple, step-by-step guidance of all the materials. Then we will move on to some hand-lettering techniques to guide you to using the waterbrush to it’s full potential. No prior experience is needed — just bring your enthusiasm to learn and experiment! 

Get ready to unlock your creativity and discover the joy of painting with watercolors as we use the season to create a final project. Class includes take home paint sets to continue to practice your skills and the production of a final project.

About the Instructor

Loreen is an artist and event planner living and working in Amsterdam. Orginally from Chicago, Loreen enjoys sharing her talents in a classroom and in creating custom artwork for her clients the world over.

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