About Us

Zoku is created by a small team of highly enthusiastic and engaged individuals. We’re a sprawling family thanks to an amazing group of people who have supported us over the last few years. Thanks to them, we made it to the finish line. Read more about them in our Founders’ Letter. With their help – and you, our future residents – we have something to be passionate about.

View the small tribe of individuals we call the Zoku team below:

  • Hans is leading operations, concept development, design, branding, marketing and strategic partnerships.

    Hans Meyer – Managing Director & Co-founder

  • Marc is leading acquisition, development, international roll-out, strategic partnerships and asset management.

    Marc Jongerius – Managing Director & Co-founder

  • Lisa Neubueser - Senior Global Rollout

  • Joris Tensen - Global Rollout

  • Johannes Menge - Global Rollout

  • Veerle Donders – Community Lead Zoku Amsterdam

  • David Kijlstra – Commercial Lead Zoku Amsterdam

  • Sjoerd Brattinga - Interim Operations Lead Zoku Amsterdam

  • Anne Verbeek - Meetings & Events Lead Zoku Amsterdam

  • Nicholas Wilkinson - Chef / Food & Beverage Lead Zoku Amsterdam