WHEN? July 18, 2017
WHERE? Zoku's Co-working Space
19.00 - 21.00

We’re excited to have Talia Stone back at Zoku to host a Travel Writing Workshop!

People who travel, write – often keeping a journal, or a blog.  At least, that’s what Talia has experienced. While travelling through Peru, she taught writing workshops in the hostels she stayed at. There was a huge demand in each new town she moved to, and were such a success that she decided to continue doing them after her return to Holland.

In this two hour workshop, she will give hands-on assignments that stimulate the writing muscles and inspire you to keep writing. The emphasis is on creativity, so anyone can join – that means ‘locals’ are free to participate too, not just globe-trotters!

About Talia Stone
With vast experience in television, film and commercials, Talia is now focussing on her true passion: writing. After receiving a postgraduate degree in teaching creative writing she has now successfully rolled out several workshops. Whether it is her 8-week course for beginning writers, her Travel Writing Workshop or her Storytelling for Business Workshop, you will always come out a little more of a writer than you were before.

TICKETS | To sign up, fill in the form here. The cost for this wirlwind of creativity is only € 25 per person and can be paid in cash on the day, or via Eventbrite.