13 January 2021 Update: Better Together, still safer than ever. Wondering what’s changed following the updated government safety measures?


We’re still open and ready to welcome you with open arms and a cozy Loft bed. You can stay the night (or even the week, month, or year) with us and have access to all of our spaces – following our COVID-19 safety guidelines of course.


To keep your engines running, our Living Kitchen restaurant and Kindred Spirits bar will now become a “grab-and-go” stop for anyone who books a stay with us. Just swing by the 6th floor to pick up your breakfast, lunch, or dinner to enjoy from the comfort of your Loft. Rather cook yourself? Our Lofts have a fully-equipped kitchen with everything you need to prepare your own meals whenever you want.


You can still safely work with us. Although we temporarily can’t offer Day Passes or use of our coworking spaces, you can still work in a private space. Our private WorkLofts come in many forms: your ideal home-office away from home, podcast studio, writer’s desk, Zoom backdrop, prototyping palace – you name it. You can still rent a WorkLoft for a half or full day (with lunch pick-up) to safely get a change of scenery. Currently a WorkZoku member? You can temporarily make use of WorkLofts 4 days per month in place of your coworking membership.


Still need to meet in person? Following all social distancing guidelines and capacity measures, our meeting rooms (1-4 people) and large event space (1-30 people) can still be rented to support any in-person business functions that are necessary for continuity – safely seating everyone at a safe 1,5m distance from one another. If you need a brain boost, please keep in mind that all food and beverages will need to be picked up from our upstairs “takeout” stand and consumed in your meeting room. Rather meet via Zoom? Our WorkLofts are still available to fulfill all of your virtual meeting needs and provide a professional backdrop in a quiet setting. 


It’s not goodbye, but see you later. Unfortunately we need to postpone our current overnight Loft series until after the 9th of February. This means that anyone who has already booked a ticket to one of our series can keep your spot to attend our new dates next month. We’ll update everyone who has booked directly and appreciate your understanding during this change of events. We can’t wait to have you join us soon!

Have a question about what’s still possible? You can contact us at and we’ll be happy to help clear anything up!

Staying at Zoku

To create the safest place in Amsterdam to be, we’ve adjusted our cleaning policies, retrained our Sidekicks on safety measures and adjusted the way we operate Zoku completely for the best experience possible. However, our most important feature for a safe landing in Amsterdam is our self-contained Zoku Loft, fully equipped with everything you need for independent living and working, including your own private kitchen and the ability to self-isolate should there be a need for it. Check out how the Loft looks and all the other things we’re doing to keep you safe below.

Keeping Things Clean

We’ve got you covered. We handle the cleaning, so you can just enjoy the Zoku you love in an environment reinvented to keep you safe. Wondering how we keep things clean?

Regular cleanings of tables, seats & public spaces 

  • Whether you’re eating in the Living Kitchen or working hard in a meeting room, every table and chair in a Zoku Social Space is wiped down with sustainable disinfecting Ozone cleaning supplies immediately after use. Once they’ve been cleaned, we immediately mark all the tables so new arrivals know they’re safe to sit at again.

Hand sanitizing stations 

  • We have multiple hand disinfection stations in our Social Spaces, so there’s always one available when you arrive or when you need it. Did we mention that they’re automatic? This means they’re even easier and more sanitary to use than your average joe hand sanitizer bottle.

Safety Kits  

  • To help keep germs at bay, our guests can now buy Safety Kits in our Almost Everything Store. The Safety Kits include (almost) everything you may need to stay safe when exploring the city: 2 facemasks, 1 bottle of hand sanitizer and 2 pairs of gloves.

Room capacity limits

  • To keep you at a safe space and distance from others while complying with Dutch government regulations, we put a cap on how many people can be in our Social Spaces and public areas at one time. Not sure how many people can be in the changing room, launderette or locker room at the same time? We have signs in a recognizable bright red color to make this transparent and easily inform you along the way!

Disinfectant supplies when you need them 

  • We want cleaning to be as flexible as you are. You can request cleaning supplies or disinfectant materials (such as cleaning wipes or hand sanitizer) from our Sidekicks whenever you want or need them.

Increased housekeeping efforts 

  • To make sure everything stays as clean as possible, we have increased our housekeeping cleanings in high traffic areas, while making our cleaning measure more visible to you as well. If you happen to need additional cleaning in a specific area, just let a Sidekick know and they’ll be happy to help you out.

Safety First

We have some quick and effective checks in place to make sure all our visitors experience Zoku in a safe environment.

Gloves are our new best friend

  • We ask both our Sidekicks, residents and guests to wear gloves wherever there may be potential risk of contamination or spreading germs.

When in doubt, wait it out (at home please)

  • We ask everyone to stay home when they feel sick or are showing any COVID-19 related symptoms.

Keeping our Sidekicks on their A-game

  • Our Sidekicks always take their temperature before every shift to make sure they keep themselves and those around them safe. Sidekicks always need to stay on their A-game after all.

Posters so you can easily stay in the loop

  • Visible instructions and operational guidelines for COVID-19 are posted all around Zoku so all Sidekicks & guests can easily stay updated.

Practice makes perfect, for safety too

  • In alignment with local authorities and Dutch government regulations, we implemented a COVID-19 safety and implementation training for all our staff. They’re fully trained and here to help keep you safe!

Keeping your (physical) distance 

  • All our Social Spaces are mapped out to comply with the 1,5-meter social distancing standards, so you can easily navigate around the spaces and not have to think about your distance from others. With the help of some floor stickers, we measure everything out for you.

Any other questions or remarks? Our General Manager is here to help!


Routes to Guide You

We’ve created and marked routes inside Zoku so you can safely navigate wherever you go. All things COVID, whether related to safety information or walking paths, will be indicated by a you-definitely-won’t-miss-it, bright red color.

When entering smaller or more narrow spaces, we ask you to use our simple Pause – Check – Walk principle:

  1. First pause. Take a deep breath before going in.
  2. Then check for the maximum capacity of the space you’re entering. It’s written on the door, so you always know how many people are inside already.
  3. If the coast is clear, you can then safely walk into the space.

On top of this, please let people leave narrow spaces that are at full capacity (such as corridors) before you enter a new space. Just like if you’re taking the tram, you always let people get out before you get in.

If a space is full or too crowded, we also ask you to wait on the designated circle stickers put up all throughout Zoku to let others pass. We spaced these out perfectly so you can maintain the 1,5-meter distance from others while you wait. Who knows, you might even make some new friends down the line.

Some spaces are one-way traffic only. If you find yourself standing on a floor arrow, please follow this bright red marking to make sure you’re going in the right direction. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you can always get back around!

Elevators Need Space Too

Going up? Since our elevators are closed and confined spaces, we ask you to only ride solo or with the trusted people living in your household. If you notice the elevator is already full, please wait a moment for the next one and let the occupants exit the elevator at a safe 1.5 meter distance before you enter (another perfect example of the Pause – Check – Walk principle). Otherwise, if up for the challenge, guests can also take the stairs next to the elevator to help shred some of those quarantine kilos.


Does your company require you to self-isolate?

Self isolation can be tough, but still it’s mandatory when entering The Netherlands from one of the higher-risk countries. We make sure you have everything you need to be comfortable during this period, from groceries to extra cleaning supplies. But most importantly, isolation can make you feel severely lonely. At Zoku, we make sure there’s no lack of human contact. Our community manager is always there for you and checks up on you regularly during our COVID-proof 1,5 meter distance hallway chats. This way, you still get to see a friendly face on a frequent basis and you’re not just left to your own devices.

Takeaways from Trusted Sources

We like to rely on trusted news sources. Following Amsterdam city guidelines, Dutch government regulations and World Health Organization safety practices, we ask everyone to kindly respect the following rules:

  1. Always avoid crowds and busy public areas.
  2. Wear a face mask on all public transport.
  3. Maintain the 1,5 meter social distance from those around you.
  4. Understand that all stores, shops and restaurants can only open a limited seating capacity on a per reservation basis.

We appreciate you following these new safety measures and we can’t wait to welcome you back safe & sound!

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