What do we offer?

Hire a private WorkLoft for €65 per day
We get it. After spending a few days at home, you might crave a change of scenery, a bit of peace and quiet, and a convenient place to work. That’s why we’re offering Zoku Private WorkLofts, your ideal home-office away from home – for however long you want! Want to take a look inside? Check out the space here.

What do you get?

  • Safety: We have 24/7 staff available and offer a clean and safe environment, regular deep cleaning included. Don’t worry, there will be limited physical contact from other workers.
  • Flexibility: Enjoy rental periods flexible day-by-day. No long-term commitments, no deposits and a fully flexible cancellation policy;
  • Peace and quiet: Get the chance to work in a calm and focused environment with plenty of daylight, fresh air and quiet time away from a busy household if full concentration is needed.
  • Suitable for business calls: The WorkLoft is a professional environment suited for video calls, with the Loft beds raised and out of visibility.
  • Self-sufficiency: You have a fully equipped, personal apartment at your disposal, including:
    • A spacious work table with a comfortable chair, Wi-Fi and plenty of office amenities
    • Yummy food – lunch is included. Let our chefs prepare you an amazing dish and enjoy it upstairs in our Living Kitchen at a safe distance from others.
    • Drinks – coffee / tea / water at your disposal right inside your personal WorkLoft, with the option to order any drink from our upstairs bar.


  • Monday – Friday: 08.00 – 18.00

Prices (with lunch):

  • 1 Day:  €60 
  • 10 WorkLoft Stampcard:  €55 per day (Save 5%)
  • 1 Week: €250 (Save 10%)
  • 1 Month: €1000 (Save 20%)


  • Overnight stay: €75 per night
  • Second person: €15 per day

Want more information or have a question? Send an email to meetamsterdam@livezoku.com or call us at +31 208112811


This offer & pricing is temporary and subject to availability
The sleeping area within the Loft will be closed off
Opening times of the WorkLoft: 08.00 – 18.00
Pulling an all-nighter? Upgrade your stay overnight for €75 extra
To respect Social Distancing the WorkLoft can only be occupied by two people at a time


Receive an office toolbox full of useful items or get creative with our sketching roll.


A tasty, healthy lunch, as well as plenty of water, coffee and tea are included.


Our Wifi is lightning fast, reliable and secure, make it rain MB's!


For an extra €15, you can order a display / flip chart / keyboard / mouse

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