Give employees the unique benefit of a 2-4 week stay at any of the Zoku locations in Amsterdam, Copenhagen or Vienna so they can live and work abroad while being part of a thriving and inclusive community.

Work Hybrid

Why WFA Benefits?

A secondary employee benefit your people actually want

Many organizations have learned that modern day benefits are interchangeable.

Employees desire alternative options and new ways of working from traditional benefits, making it more difficult for companies to find and retain talent. A recent study discovered that 76% of workers will be more loyal to their employer if they were granted remote work options. Companies are struggling to find an easy solution that offers great value with low risks, so our Work From Anywhere Employee Benefits were born.

Don't worry, You're not alone

After conducting extensive research and expert interviews on hybrid work trends, we discovered:

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Young workers are increasingly...

willing to turn down higher salaries if they are not given the flexibility to work remotely.

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41% of the global workforce...

is contemplating leaving their current employer within the next year, while 73% say they need more flexibility to control where, when and how they work.


A growing number of people...

are using the growth of remote work as an opportunity to become ‘digital nomads’.

I like it. What is it?

Let employees experience living and working abroad

Companies who wish to stand out as an employer can now offer their employees or teams the ideal environment to work from different and lively European capitals.

Work From Anywhere Employee Benefits provide a 2-4 week stay at any Zoku location, offering employees the unique benefit of living comfortably and working efficiently while being part of a thriving and inclusive community. Zoku provides a one-stop-shop: an inspiring environment in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Vienna that also provides exclusive guidance on immersing oneself in the local culture and community.

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Here's how we can help

Getting Work From Anywhere Benefits at Zoku will give your talent:



Give your employees an international living and working experience, inspiring and motivating them in another city while meeting amazing people along the way.

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With access to a local community manager, your employees will be introduced to interesting people who are also in their shoes, so they’ll have an instant, like-minded network upon arrival.

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Provide employees with personal and professional development through real-life experiences abroad, which is a unique benefit when compared to standard coaching and training sessions.

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Don't just take our word for it. Here's what one of our residents had to say Image from iOS copy

“At first glance, Zoku appears to be just another hotel with spacious rooms, a creative marketing team and some great puns on its coffee mugs. But taking a closer look – there is so much more to unpack. I have been living and working here for a little over a month now, and I have been wowed by the sense of belonging and community this place conveys. So much so, that I have extended my stay by another month. It’s truly the best place to land in when moving to a city like Amsterdam, much of which is owed to the people that work here alongside everyone who decides to come back here to work remotely, day after day. It nails down a perfect balance between being an atmosphere that fosters creativity and productivity, and a space that allows you to connect with like-minded, globe-trotting professionals.”

Chris Haffner, German Expat & 2 Month Resident at Zoku Amsterdam

What sets Zoku apart

Hybrid hospitality to hybrid work solutions

Zoku is so much more than a hotel. We provide 360 degree solutions to facilitate hybrid functions – such as living, sleeping, working, collaborating, dining, wining and socializing – all under one roof.

Here’s what makes us unique:

  • We’re located in three bustling European capitals, so your employees can immerse themselves in a new culture and experience life working abroad
  • Our micro-apartment Loft design is award-winning: specifically curated for living comfortably and working efficiently
  • We provide a safe, comfortable home base perfectly designed for working remotely and collaborating in person
  • We have an extensive global network that you can leverage for any additional requests or activities
  • With a Community Manager on-site at each of our locations, your  people can easily integrate in the community of like minded people, get to know people from different backgrounds and get inspired during one of our community rituals and events

We help you organize everything so your people get the best experience from the moment they step off the plane or train.


"One of the 25 coolest hotels in the world."


"This Futuristic Hotel Is Like WeWork Combined With Airbnb."


"New Concept Hotel Provides Global Nomads With A Local Social Life."


"A new type of hotel is upping its game to compete with Airbnb.”

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We're also a certified BCorp bcorp logo white square

We’re a proud BCorp and Zoku Amsterdam was the first BCorp certified hospitality company in the Netherlands. You can find out more about our sustainability intiatives below.

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Check out our venue

24/7 living and work spaces

Businesses, teams and individuals can access everything we have to offer, without ever having to step foot outside our doors. Zoku acts as your one-stop shop with all of the following facilities located on-site:

  • Private Lofts for sleeping or working: compatible as a living room or office space
  • Shared coworking and access to our rooftop Social Spaces to use in between sessions
  • A large event space to accommodate large group booking requests and to host interactive sessions
  • Private break-out meeting rooms for smaller team collaborations and brainstorms
  • Organic and locally sourced food and drinks from our Living Kitchen restaurant & Kindred Spirits bar

Want some extra peace of mind? COVID regulations can also be easily respected throughout our spaces.

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