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We’ve got flexible meeting and event spaces with great views, heaps of extras and most importantly- a large environment that can safely host groups of people at a 1,5 meter distance from one another!

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Reinvented Loft Stages

Rent an entire floor of 25 Lofts

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Host an event to remember



Meet somewhere inspiring

Our meeting rooms are still open!

Did someone call for a board meeting? Following all social distancing guidelines and capacity measures following the recent government measures, our meeting rooms (1-4 people) and large event space (1-30 people) can still be rented during the day to support any in-person business functions.

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Reinvented Loft Stages

Safely rent an entire floor for your event

We recognize the importance of coming together for events, whether it’s a big corporate conference, or a fun festive meal. We’ve developed d a unique concept to help you meet and connect with others, while still from a safe distance.

Now you can rent out and enjoy an entire floor of 25 award-winning Zoku Lofts. Connected by one corridor, each Loft includes a living room, kitchen, workspace, and sleeping area. With the possibility to setup a live connection from one Event Studio to each of the TVs in the Lofts, you can safely host an event while being connected to attendees at all times.

Unlike conventional hotel rooms where the bed is the central feature of the room, our Loft beds are tucked away, creating a perfect environment to make use of the whole space. The Lofts can be booked completely flexible, whether you only want the space for the day or with an overnight stay – you decide.

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Enjoy a quiet, inspiring, and private workspace to boost productivity.


Our lofted beds are out of the way and out of sight during video calls.


Coffee, tea, and water are at your disposal alongside plenty of office supplies.


We offer a variety of prices and packages to fit your unique needs.

Events Space

Host safe, spacious and memorable events

Multiple-day conference? Industry talk? Launch party? Midnight Yoga class? Bingo? Bingo! We’ve got the perfect Event Space for you.

On our 6th floor, we have a spacious, creative and flexible space tailored to suit your needs. You can sit back, relax, and focus on hosting the event of the year, whilst our dedicated events team makes sure everything runs smoothly and safely. Alongside being designed to fuel connections, ideas, productivity,  and entertainment, the picturesque view of Amsterdam’s skyline will be sure to make your event unforgettable.

The lowdown:

  • 234m2 (combined) / 105m2 (split)
  • 1-30 people

Just let us know a few details about your event below, and we’ll follow-up directly to discuss a personalized booking for you.

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Mingle and network (at a safe physical distance) with a collective group of talented professionals.


On-site support and Slack group chat from our friendly Sidekicks and Community Manager, all day and night.


Take part in daily Fika every day at 15.30 - a 30 minute community meetup and free coffee break.


Enjoy a packed calendar of inspiring member only events and activities that you can attend.

Meeting Rooms

Group Meeting Rooms & Packages

Let’s meet. Or at least, let us help you safely meet with others! We have the perfect meeting rooms so you can collaborate and boost productivity in a safe and sunlit environment.

All of our meeting packages, both half and full day, include unlimited coffee, tea, still/sparkling water, and a selection of soft drinks and a surprise snack! Our full day, 8-hour package also includes a healthy lunch from our Living Kitchen.

Wondering what meeting rooms we offer? Scroll down to check out our full list below!


  • 4 hours: €50 per person
  • 8 hours: €85 per person
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Explore Our Meeting Rooms


No frills. Perfect for group productivity sessions and small presentations, hitting that deadline just in time together and getting a lot of work done.

  • 18m2
  • 1-4 people

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Inspired by Walt Disney’s artistic process: a flexible space perfect for creative sessions. Play around with the room, the furniture, and a toy or two.

  • 18m2
  • 1-4 people

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Perfect for small groups focused on building blocks as quickly as possible, thanks to the amazing views and playful interior. Features a twister carpet for your mandatory downward dog intermezzos.

  • 12m2
  • 1-2 people

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Enjoy a more informal setting: lean back on the comfiest of couches while you’re hosting a small group meeting or facilitating interviews. (Psst… Take a break with the Wii U).

  • 12m2
  • 1-3 people

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Your very own Zoku Loft XL for the day – perfect for private meetings, brainstorm sessions, phone calls and focused work. (Psst… why not take a look inside?)

  • 30m2
  • 1-2 people

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Send an email to or call us at +31 208112811 and we’ll be happy to help you!

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