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You’ve tried working from home. Now, it’s time to work from anywhere. Join a small, curated cohort of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers as you spend time living and working in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, or Vienna.

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You could call Zoku a re-invented apartment hotel – in fact – Zoku creates a new category in the hotel industry: a home-office hybrid, which is a relaxed place to live, work and socialize with like-minded people while getting wired into the city. It’s a home base with both a smart Zoku Loft (private areas) and Social Spaces (communal areas) to work, sleep, play, meet and live in.

The award-winning Zoku Loft is a spacious micro apartment suitable for both living comfortably and working efficiently. In a regular hotel room or studio apartment, the bed always dominates. At Zoku, the big kitchen table serves as the focal point of your space. Each Loft is private, sleeps two, and contains a full living room, kitchen, bathroom and a big kitchen table. You can even personalize your space by choosing your favourite artwork to hang on the walls and inspire you during your stay.

Zoku’s Social Spaces are designed to facilitate effortless connections and offer a warm welcome, a buzzing bar, a living room, a living kitchen, co-working spaces and retail tailored to cater to all the social and practical needs of Zoku’s international mix of residents.



When living and working abroad, global nomads are surrounded by the ‘exotic’, yet can often feel bored, lonely and uninspired. Zoku believes that “amazing things can happen when people come together”. Our mission is to mix together like-minded individuals under one roof – aligning our international residents with internationally minded locals. We expanded the definition of a hotel to make it a platform where knowledge, ideas and people can mingle on a daily basis.

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