Zoku’s social spaces are an extension of the residents’ Zoku Lofts, offering a warm welcome, a buzzing Bar, a chill Living Room, a Living Kitchen, Communal Working Spaces, Green Spaces and tailored retail. If you crave online interaction: fast, reliable and free Wi-Fi is all over the place. If you prefer offline interactions, the open-plan design effortlessly brings you together with other residents and city locals – perhaps with the helping hand of Zoku’s Sidekicks.

Internationally oriented locals are also welcomed with a smile at Zoku. They come here to soak up the international vibe, to connect with the who’s-who of the industry, to sit in or speak at our events, or see themselves if the rumors about our slamming cheese plates are true. Our goal is to be Amsterdam’s international living room – humming with shoptalk, small talk and deep thoughts. 


Our Sidekicks welcome you. They are both globally savvy and locally rooted. They will be your problem solver, personal assistant, connector, mediator and cross-pollinator. They will get you from A to Z (and back again). Pretty much anything goes – just test them. They just want to get you settled, so you can hit the ground running.

The bar is serving freshly ground coffee, a rainbow of tea blends and a mind-bending range of stronger options. Evenings turn more intimate with the serving of bread, cheese and wine – best enjoyed shared in the Living Room. Unwinding with a drink at the end of an honest day is the best way to understand what Zoku is all about…

lounge and public spaces at Zoku Amsterdam Lofts and living spaces


At Zoku, brains are filled. When required, they can also be emptied. It all depends where you are on the playful scale. With all the comforts of home, our Living Room attracts Zoku’s family of residents. Some may even remind you of those you miss from back home…

Nooks with comfy couches and fireplaces form a Living Room 2.0 – and actually the Living Room is just an extension of your Loft’s living room. It also has a library with inspiring reading, the latest news and the best bedtime stories.


Our TV/games room boasts a near infinite movie collection. You can also choose to boost brainpower through chess, or to pump adrenaline through Mario Kart racing with other residents. If you prefer to spend your nights on a more musical note, join Zoku’s house band by pulling an instrument off the wall…


The (Almost) Everything Store, Zoku’s 24-hour shop, is stocked to cater to many of the practical needs of Zoku’s international mix of residents – including what you may have forgotten to pack. A Grab & Go section has healthy snacks and full-blown meals, including the best Amsterdam has to offer. The store’s selection will evolve constantly as we continue to sniff out the latest products and trends.

The social kitchen and dining area at Zoku Lofts


At Zoku, we crave simplicity. Our worldly Living Kitchen is just that: honest food served fast. We also take the world’s most social activity to the next level by serving it in an open, residential atmosphere. You will want to linger around long, communal tables – where fresh tastes combine particularly well with the trading of new stories.

Both Zoku residents and locals can enjoy our fixed-price weekly-changing menu. We will also be bringing in local kitchen legends to cook up a multicultural storm.

Opening times Living Kitchen:

Mon – Fri 07.00 – 10.00
Sat – Sun 08.00 – 14.00
Mon – Fri 12.00 – 14.00
Mon – Sun 18.30 – 22.00

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You can work solo or together in the Communal Working Areas. Since many of our residents work across different time zones, they’re all available 24/7. The Wi-Fi is, obviously, reliable, high-speed and best of all, free.

The spaces are perfect for everything from writing reports to creative brainstorm sessions – you can even 3D print your next prototype. When work-time turns into play-time, the working table turns into a Ping-Pong table. And if that doesn’t relieve the stress, you can take out your frustrations on the hanging punching bags – as opposed to one of your perfectly nice neighbors.


Zoku’s urban vibe comes with a lot of green, both inside and out. A rooftop garden, complete with greenhouse, produces some of the vegetables and herbs that are served in our Living Kitchen. You can even choose to channel your inner-farmer and get your hands dirty – but only if you are into that sort of thing. You may just prefer to take in the painfully scenic views of Amsterdam from our two rooftop terraces.


We’ve got a range of dialogue rooms at Zoku for any kind of meeting: be it a free-wheeling brainstorm, an intensive planning session, or your team needs a change of scenery to get their creative energies flowing. We’re out to inspire and facilitate ideas – and ensure you’ve got lightning-fast Wi-Fi to boot.

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