Amsterdam-based hospitality brand Zoku and creative residency 72U have joined forces to launch a pioneering new creative platform to facilitate meaningful connections. Highlighting the importance of close personal bonds between neighbours and rekindling the neighbourly spirit of the past, “Doors of Zoku” will feature a series of talks and workshops, as well as a playful public installation.

Declining social cohesion, growing social isolation and the lack of neighbourly ties are amongst the greatest problems facing the citizens of the modern global metropolis. In Amsterdam alone, there is a growing number of people of all ages that experience feelings of being anonymous or lonely.

To raise awareness for this serious social concern, Zoku and 72U will install tiny interactive doors until the 1stof February, in locations across the city. Passers-by will be drawn to the doors, and upon ringing the doorbells will be greeted by and participate in personal stories among neighbours. The installation will evoke the importance of forming personal relationships with neighbours.

The campaign’s main event will take place on February 1stin Zoku’s Social Spaces. Featuring insightful talks, workshops and interactive activities – from smart city planning with figures from the Amsterdam municipality, to pro-social initiatives, to live music and art, the flagship event will give neighbours and guests the opportunity to meet and share ideas on the topic.

With a shared mission and belief that personal connections and interactions can change lives for the better, 72U and Zoku saw this intense collaboration as a logical next step. “With Doors of Zoku, we aim to bring back the positive feeling of being neighbours in Amsterdam. To make this happen we collaborated with different partners that all have a connection with the Amsterdam city community”, says Hanneke Metselaar, Director of the creative residency 72U.

Hans Meyer, co-founder of Zoku adds, “Bringing together people and ideas is our founding principle. We aim to help people ground in a city and connect them with each other as well as with other locals. Zoku has become a hub for the neighbourhood where internationals and locals can connect, meet and get to know each other.”