Dreams don't work
unless you do

At Zoku we love good coffee, jelly beans, Toby, Leroy and Alfred (our fish), karaoke, birthdays (especially the cake!), working hard but playing harder, glitter, jam session evenings, plants, beautiful sunsets, IJWit, (weird) jokes and hugs instead of handshakes.

There are 5 company values that truly define Zoku’s culture. These values are at the heart of Zoku, and everything we do is based on them. Curious to learn more about them and see if they fit your personality? Check them out below.


Zoku means family

From welcoming residents to Zoku to making the best coffee. From managing their reservations to…… anything else that might come up. We’re entrepreneurial spirits who aim to provide the best possible service in the broadest sense. There are no separate teams at Zoku. It’s a cliche, but it’s true: we aim for that family feeling working together, creating the best Zoku experience for our residents, members, visitors and each other. We love Zoku outings, sing karaoke, go Apenkooien or vrimibo’en (we’ll explain those last two when you’re here).


Be part of something greater

Happy Zokus make happy Zoku residents, which makes Zoku a happy place to be in return. When you work at Zoku, it goes without saying that you get your monthly paycheck and the working equipment you need to be able to perfectly do your job. Nevertheless, we like to say that working at Zoku also goes hand in hand extra cherries on the cake. We offer an exciting job in a dynamic start-up environment, the possibility to be actively involved in the Zoku community events & activities, great discounts with our partners, cool work outfits and many more awesome benefits.


In this house

Zoku connects people and ideas.
If you want to work at Zoku, you need to love to connect with people.
And ideas.
Zoku is a place for growth, driven by purpose, not just by profit.
We support each other like a family and we go at it together rather than alone.
Because none of us is as smart as all of us.
Zoku isn’t a position or a title, it is action and example.
Here, we teach you the things they forgot to teach us at school.
Skills that will benefit you for the rest of your life.
Amazing things happen when people get together and our success is also determined by how we handle the setbacks and knock downs.
And more importantly how quickly you can get up and on with it again.
We take on the challenge to push the world forward and create smarter solutions.
We set the bar high and we don’t wait for opportunities, we create them.
We don’t settle for average at Zoku, we believe in only giving it our best.
Sometimes we win, sometimes we learn.
And most of all, we recognise that dreams don’t work unless we do.



Jobs Zoku Amsterdam

HR Intern

Are you a real people’s person and care about everyone’s well being? During this management internship, you will be working alongside our HR manager and assisting her with running all the HR processes.

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Meeting and Events Intern

Would you love to be involved in the creation and execution of kick ass event? You will be an integral member of our Better Together team at Zoku which focuses on hosting inspiring meetings and events.

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Graphic Design

Do you love branding and designing and want to get more experience in the field? During this internship, you’ll be working on designing & perfecting many different things from branded items to press kits.

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Do you love to create awesome content on Social Media and be creative? During this internship, you’ll be working on creating awesome content for our Social Media channels alongside other fun stuff.

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Duty Manager

Are you a real spider in the web and love to think in smart solutions? You will be responsible for managing, coaching, training and helping the Sidekicks team, ensuring Zoku’s operations are ran smoothly.

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Reservations and Communications Intern

Are you a real people’s person and love to help them with whatever they need? You will be the central point of communication, responsible for coordinating anything having to do with communication and reservations.

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Are you a food artist who would love to work in an open kitchen? We are looking for a true food artist, who loves plating beautiful dishes and making creative buffets that not only look, but also taste amazing.

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Can you be our residents’ go to person, connector and problem solver? Zoku’s Sidekicks are here to give our residents a warm welcome and help them from A to B instead of being a traditional formal waiter.

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Jobs Zoku Office


The Pre-Opening Intern is responsible together with the Pre-Opening Lead for the smooth and efficient running of Zoku’s operations, for any future opening.

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Construction and Procurement Project Manager

Are you looking for an exciting challenge in the Construction and Design world? You will contribute to the development of new Zoku’s internationally – from the initial stage of the project until handover to the operations team.

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Construction and Design Intern

Are you looking for an internship in the Construction and Design world? As an intern, you will be supporting the team with the realization of new, international locations. In addition, you will be developing the Zoku standards.

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Are you looking into getting more experience in Real Estate? During this internship you will be a member of the global rollout team at Zoku and assisting with the analysis of new Zoku locations in Europe and the USA.

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