Because there is no planet B.

Sustainability within Zoku goes well beyond a proper insulated building, LED lighting and energy saving systems like heat recovery and intelligent building management systems. Although we are proud to say that we are an officially Green Key Gold certified hotel, we think that this standard should be the basics of any new place opening up in town. Sustainability is not a hype, it’s an important part of preserving our planet.

As space is becoming scarcer in urban areas, the way we use space sustainably to meet long term accommodation requirements becomes more and more relevant. Office space is present 8.700 hours per year, during which it has to be managed, heated/cooled/illuminated and maintained. All this office space has a huge environmental impact. However, if you deduct non-operating hours like evenings/nights/early mornings, week-ends and holidays, this space is only used a little more than 2.200 hrs per year.

Smart use of space

New technology and new working habits create a huge opportunity to improve  the use of existing space and limiting the need for new space. Smart solutions that create the opportunity to use less square meters and facilitate 24/7, multifunctional use are needed. The Zoku Loft combines all this (living/working and micro living) by creating a spacious experience in a minimum area of just 25 m2.

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In addition, Zoku also offers its residents more green spaces in order for them to better experience the seasons in an urban environment, sustainable transport options and Zoku will source local products wherever possible through Zoku’s Living Kitchen. In addition moss sedum rooftops can act as insulation material, to cool down the buildings, and absorb air pollution and catch rainwater.

To read Zoku’s (not so) corporate social responsibility statement, click below.

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