Your culinary adventure starts here

It’s Saturday night. You’re sitting on the couch watching Netflix with your partner/bestie. They turn to you and tell you they’re hungry.

Do you:

Option 1: Stay at home, click “I’m still watching”on the remote, and order some pizza?


Option 2: Book a ticket to “Make Your Own Adventure” and show off your cooking skills during a safe and exciting night out?


Curated by Joris Bijdendijk

Congratulations – you made the right choice! Join us for an interactive dining experience where you’re always in control! From preparing your own 4 course-meal curated by Joris Bijdendijk from RIJKS®, to taking part in a virtual cooking workshop and wine tasting during the evening, you’ll be sure to end the night with sweet dreams at Zoku.

How does it work? All you have to do is show up and you will be virtually guided by Joris to cook your own 4-course Michelin star worthy dinner with the RIJKS® Make-Away box. Throughout the evening, we’ll bring you an exclusive wine tasting from Grapedistrict, a virtual cooking workshop via Zoom with Joris, and a delicious craft cocktail from Hendrick’s to toast to a good night – all at a safe distance of course!

  • Join us for an overnight stay on Saturday 24 October
  • All for just €162 per person 
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Better Together, still safer than ever

Although large public events can no longer take place, we feel that now more than ever, it’s important to be able to connect and have some lighthearted fun – all while of course staying totally safe and upholding all the latest safety measures. In collaboration with our favorite local restaurateurs and other curated partners, we’re creating this overnight Loft series so you can still enjoy a safe night out in a social setting.

What's included

We’ll have plenty of culinary surprises in store to keep you on your toes. You can experience a safe and interactive dining event that includes:

Overnight stay
in a Loft

Stay the night in your very own award-winning Loft. Reinvented into a private dinner theater, it's also the perfect place to rest your head after the night’s festivities come to an end.


Feeling bubbly? Enjoy a welcome glass of bubbles upon arrival in your Loft. It's an amazing way to kick-off the night and make a toast with your +1.

4-course RIJKS®
Make-Away box

Exclusively curated by Joris Bijdendijk, head chef at RIJKS®. It will be all ready for you to show off your cooking skills in a private dining setting. Don’t worry, it’s easy and it comes with step-by-step instruction videos for you to peek at before you start!

Online cooking workshop with Joris

Joris will be at Zoku too! Learn some cooking skills and take part in an online cooking workshop via Zoom led by Joris Bijdendijk in the “Loft next door”.

Interactive wine tasting with Grapedistrict

Our partners at Grapedistrict really know their grapes. Tickle your taste buds as you get familiar with the night’s lovely wine selection while their sommelier shares some of the amazing stories behind these wine houses.

by Hendrick's

Toast to a delicious meal with a (lemon) twist! End the evening with a delicious cocktail from Hendrick's to be enjoyed right in your Loft.


Treat yourself to breakfast in bed. Enjoy a delicious breakfast delivered right to you when you wake up inside your cozy Loft bed.

Early check-in
at 10am

Spend even more time with us. You can check-in at 10am and make use of all of our Social Spaces on our rooftop before the event starts: including our coworking spaces, terraces, Living Kitchen restaurant (for an early snack)restaurant and bar (for a small pre-drink).

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Ready to create your own adventure?

Experience this unique culinary night out – including a Loft sleepover –
all for just €162 per person. Only limited spots available, so book now!

Book Saturday 24 October

New to Zoku?


You could call Zoku a re-invented apartment hotel – in fact – Zoku creates a new category in the hotel industry: a home-office hybrid, which is a relaxed place to live, work and socialize with like-minded people while getting wired into the city.

Unlike standard hotel rooms where the bed takes up most of the room, our innovative Lofts function like a real apartment. They have a raised (and super comfy) bed so you can spend time in your room, have enough space to move around, and actually feel comfortable having a dinner party – just like you would at home!

Each Loft is private, sleeps two, and contains a full living room, kitchen, bathroom and a big kitchen table. You can even personalize your space by choosing your favorite artwork to hang on the walls and inspire you during your stay.

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Local Dutch and Michelin Star chef, Joris Bijdendijk, is the Executive Chef at RIJKS® is back at Zoku and will be personally curating the RIJKS® Make-Away boxes for the event. Not having launched to the public yet, all attendees get to prepare one of Joris his Make-Away boxes before anyone else! The boxes will be available in 3 different variations: protein, vegetarian, and allergy friendly (lactose and gluten free).

So you can experience what it’s like to be a Michelin Star chef for the night, Joris will create simple step-by-step videos that you can watch and follow along while preparing your 4-course meal. Looking to brush up on your cooking skills? During the evening, he’ll also host a virtual cooking workshop from the “Loft next door” so you can learn some tips and tricks that you can use even after your stay. The night would of  course not be complete without amazing wines. That’s why partner Grapedistrict will be hosting an interactive wine tasting, along with a nice Zoku surprise to round off your evening.

Joris’s restaurant, RIJKS®, located in the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum, received a Michelin star in 2016, rose from 16.5 to 17 points in the Gault & Millau guide in 2019 and was included in the brand new ranking list of the team behind The World’s 50 Best Restaurants that same year; the 50 Best Discovery.

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Oh no! The power in your town just went out. Now you’re stuck in silence with a hungry friend and a Netflix show left on a cliffhanger. Luckily we believe in second chances…

Try again?

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