Why music affects productivity, the benefits of playing music, and creating ambience.
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Did you know The Beatles’ final album was going to be called Everest? The band discussed flying to the Himalayas to take the album cover shot, but ultimately decided it was too much hassle. Instead, they stepped outside the studio and took a photo of themselves crossing the road. That’s how they came up with the name Abbey Road.


Japanese Ambient, Environmental & New Age Music 1980-1990

Streaming has changed our relationship with music. More than ever, we use music to fill a function: To help us focus or to serve as an unobtrusive backdrop. “Kankyō Ongaku” is Japanese for “environmental music” and refers to some of the earliest experiments to try and create music for this purpose.



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Need a good beat to find your flow? Lots of people put on headphones to drown out the background noise, but how do you go about picking the right soundtrack to get your work done? This article goes into the science of optimizing your productivity through music.



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Are you looking for a fun way to rewire your brain? Learning an instrument has been shown to improve people’s long-term memory and even alter the way ideas are connected in your skull. Plus, it’ll give you something to show off when we have open mic nights in our social space.

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Georgia Mowry
Georgia Mowry is Project Manager at Verbier Art Summit, an annual art summit that brings its members and the wider community together to get inspired by international leading art world figures on topical issues. Originally from San Francisco, Georgia moved to the Netherlands to get her Masters at Maastricht University and joined the Verbier Art Summit team in 2019. Georgia has been a member at Zoku Amsterdam for close to a year now.
What path has your career taken and what brought you to Amsterdam?
A unique one! I knew from a young age that I wanted to work in the arts field. I grew up as an artist and pursued my Bachelor’s in both studio art (painting) and art history. Many people remarked upon these choices as they are not the ‘typical’ university or career path, indicating how difficult it will be to find a stable job. I continued along my own path and decided to get my Master’s abroad, in Maastricht. After finishing my Master’s I decided I liked living here in the Netherlands so much that I stayed to find work, which brought me to North Holland to Verbier Art Summit. Since last June I’ve been a project manager focusing on external communications, research and communication with the speakers and general event management for the Verbier Art Summit event. However as we are a small team of 5, we all wear many hats and I’ve found myself doing things like CRM admin, quarterly finances and website updates. I’m now here in Amsterdam for not only my career but the quality of life, the international dynamic of Amsterdam and the people that I’ve met along the way!

What is your relationship with Zoku Amsterdam, and what are your thoughts?
I’ve been a WorkZoku member since May of 2019! Zoku Amsterdam is honestly my little slice of home. Everyday when I come in and get to hug the staff good morning, share a laugh and maybe a beer on Thursday, it brings light to my weekly work week.

What’s a life-changing song, film, event or book you’d like to recommend to others and why?
'Educated' by Tara Westover. This book was a fascinating insight into someone who was denied an education and made a life, career and story for herself. As a memoir, written like a novel, you follow the story of Tara who fights against her family’s Mormon religious beliefs and namely fights for an education.

What advice would you give to your 20-year-old self?
I would probably simply say: it will all work out.

What’s your current/newly discovered go-to product, service or app you would recommend to others and why?
I’ve started using an app called the ‘5-minute journal’ which prompts you questions each morning/evening about your gratitude levels, happy part of your day or what could have gone better. I had recently taken a mindfulness course, so even just spending a few minutes of your day taking the time to be *mindful* really helps. My favourite feature is that you can put pictures so its also like a little memory device of all my favourite moments!

Which book/product have you gifted the most, and why?
Hand drawn cards! This was a tough question for me, because I really prefer to give people meaningful gifts and as I’m an artist I’ve found the most important gift to people is when I give them a hand drawn artwork as a gift, even if it’s small or silly.

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