Then read on to learn about flight shame and how it's changing travel, alongside bamboo brushes, and hacking creativity.
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Did you know the Minneapolis Health Department once received a complaint against a hot dog stand opened by a 13-year-old in front of his home? Instead of shutting him down, the inspectors helped him bring his stand up to code and paid the $87 fee for his permit out of their own pockets. Today, the stand is the highest-rated place to get hot dogs in America on Google Maps. Nice.
The Bamboo Brush Society

The Bamboo Brush Society

A plant-based tool for your teeth

When it comes to plastic alternatives, one material is popping up everywhere right now: bamboo. Turns out that bamboo grows back much quicker than trees and biodegrades in less than six months. Here at Zoku, we’ve been stocking sustainable toothbrushes from the Bamboo Brush Society for yonks. Buy your own next time you visit us, or order one online if you can’t wait to get your hands on it.



5-minute read | Forge on Medium

Stuck on solving a problem? Have you tried hanging upside down on the rings in your Zoku Loft XL? How about intermittent fasting? There are heaps of smart hacks for getting you to think outside the box, but the science around creativity is incredibly scarce, so it might be best to take them with a pinch of salt. Unless you’re trying to create a new nutrition regime — in that case, probably best to keep the salt to a minimum.



9-minute read | BBC Future

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg recently took a boat to visit America and she’s not the only Swede ditching planes. ‘Slow travel’ is a growing trend, particularly in Northern Europe, where an increasing number of people are choosing trains over flights. As well as being better for the environment, it also provides better WiFi. As long as you don’t go through a tunnel.

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Christiana Courtright
Christiana Courtright is a Senior Social Strategist at 180 Kingsday. Christiana's career seemingly followed a random path from an outsider's perspective, however, creativity and community building were always at the core of what Christiana did and strived for. Christiana worked from being an influencer, to journalism, working as a chef, and finally to the social strategist that she is now.
What path has your career taken?
I began my career as an influencer after Microsoft discovered my blog about being single in Paris. This partnership happened way before influencers were mainstream so it turned a lightbulb on in my head that this could be a future career path. After graduating, I worked as an international video journalist, output editor, and planning producer for a global news agency. Journalism is hardcore, you work at a pace that is unlike anything else. Sometimes I would end an eight-hour shift of editing and scripting up to 30 videos only to be driven by my cameraman to cover a political protest five hours away.

No surprises, but I lost my work-life balance and I knew I needed a career change. So I trained as a chef in Ireland for three months, this was just to take a mental break from such an intense job. Nowadays I work at a creative agency as a senior social strategist. As a social strategist, I have a huge responsibility because I consult and co-create digital content and campaigns for international brands. The last thing I want is for brands to contribute to the landfill of digital crap, which is where my background as a video journalist becomes invaluable - I won't stop digging until I can find a fresh way to tell a human story.

What brought you to Amsterdam?
Honest answer: Heartbreak and a need for a fresh start.

How long have you stayed at Zoku, and what were your thoughts?
When I first moved to Amsterdam I lived at Zoku for three months, it was my first home and everyone who worked there felt like family. It was the most welcoming way to be introduced to this city.

What’s a life-changing song, film, event or book you’d like to recommend to others?
'The Road Less Travelled' by Scott Peck. If you want a scientific and psychological perspective about why people think and feel etc. then this is a book that'll change your life. It's not preachy or self-helpy despite what the terrible Google synopsis says.

What advice would you give to your 20-year-old self?
Once you embrace who you are and own that, it’ll all fall into place.

What’s your current/newly discovered go-to product, service or app you would recommend to others, and why?
I rejected TikTok for a long time because I thought it wasn’t for older millennials but I’m obsessed.

Which book/product have you gifted the most, and why?
I bake a lot of homemade cakes for friends but I do often buy jewellery as well.

If you could pick one project to work on for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
Tough one but considering I’d like to avoid human beings becoming extinct by 2050; I would love to continue the wonderful work people are already doing to help the planet by using my skills as a social strategist.

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