Sam Steltman is a co-founder of I Save Lives, a health education startup focusing on raising cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) awareness in the Netherlands. A native of Amsterdam, he has worked from Zoku for the past year.

What is I Save Lives?

Each week a whopping 300 people suffer a cardiac arrest outside of the hospital in the Netherlands. If bystanders don’t act, the person will most likely die. If correct CPR is performed, the chances of survival are as high as 70%. Unfortunately, three quarters of Dutch people don’t know what to do when someone is having a cardiac arrest.

I Save Lives is focused on the simplicity of CPR, and makes it more accessible and fun. We are developing a game that teaches people correct CPR in just 15 minutes (instead of 2 to 4 hours). To maximize the societal impact of our game we are developing it as part of a program that can be implemented in the curriculum of high schools.

What’s a life-changing film you’d recommend to others?

McFarland. It’s a Disney movie that it is really inspiring and moving. It’s about a group of students that have everything against them because of their background, but they manage to break out of their bad futures to become better than they have ever dreamt. People always laugh at me when I recommend this…