Robert Vos is the owner of Tell William, focused on innovation in the public sector, and the founder of De Nieuwe School, an agency for action-lead learning experiences in the public sector.

What path has your career taken?

From teaching geography to answering calls for citizens and from creating new services for the government to starting a school for the public sector. First it was all IT and then I figured out I like people a bit more than spreadsheets and databases.

Why Amsterdam? Why Zoku?

Most of my work is in and around Amsterdam and as a former citizen of this beautiful place a lot of my very close friends are a very good reason to be here. I have stayed at Zoku regularly for the last 1,5 years after moving to Belgium. It’s a place that I enjoy staying at a lot. It calms me down knowing that when I enter the door, I feel very welcome.

What’s a life-changing book, song, film or event you’d like to recommend to others?

I hope this is a movie that not a lot of people know so they go and see it: The Brothers Bloom. A movie about 2 brothers (…) that is real and unreal at the same time. It’s about everything life should involve: creative thinking, imagination, love, friendship, adventure and staying curious. For those not convinced: Rachel Weisz, Mark Rufallo and Adrien Brody.. Yes, it’s worth it.

What does home mean to you?

My home is the opposite of a house: Some walls, windows and a lot of stuff. Home to me is good conversations, really (really) being yourself and have other people around that feel at home in your house as much as I do.

Which book have you gifted the most, and why?

I’ve gifted quite a few actually, but the latest was Cal Newport’s book on digital minimalism. It reminded of the influence our devices have these days, what the power of solitude is and how you can redefine your relationship with technology generally. Really cool insights. And on that note, one of my favorite podcasts: Hurry Slowly.