Reinier Bunnik is our dear General Manager. He joined Zoku in late 2018 – you might have already met him, and if not, don’t be shy – say hi to him when you visit us!

What path has your career taken?

Well somehow as a 13-year-old I decided that becoming a hotel GM was going to be my goal. I was sure I would work abroad for a while during my career journey, but never imagined the places it took me. Amsterdam, Barcelona, San Jose Del Cabo/Mexico City, Aspen, Washington DC, Aruba and back to Amsterdam.

What is your craziest career story?

I vividly remember arriving for my first internship in Mexico on the only plane to land a day after a Category 4 hurricane had beaten up the town of San Jose del Cabo. I remember walking in with my two suitcases, to a hotel lobby with the whole staff in full frenzy trying to take care of hotel guests and damage to the building. The looks on the faces of the reception staff were priceless, “Hi, I am here to start my internship”. I spent the remainder of the week helping to clean up, only to find out the hurricane had turned around and was coming back.

What’s a life-changing book, song, film or event you’d recommend to others?

I recommend anybody to take on a significant sports challenge to train for. In my case training, running and completing my first marathon (Amsterdam 2016) was a huge achievement, and sure most of us will earn a Simon Sinek ridiculed “participation medal’, but the value of completing is massive. I invite you to stand at the finish line of any marathon in the world – you get served a dose of inspiration that can carry you for weeks.

Which book have you gifted the most, and why?

Generation Z, the generational gaps are always fascinating. This book highlights the differences and things to consider. I like gifting it as it is such an eye-opener. To me the most successful leaders or companies are those that are constantly working to bridge that generational gap or see opportunities where others don’t.