Mike Minor is a 29 year old professional snowboarder and skateboarder hailing out of the United States. Mike was born missing his right forearm just below the elbow, and has always had what he calls a unique drive in life. Mike has had an impressive and driven career from working for the mountains all the way to the podium at Xgames, Dew Tour, & the Paralympics. Mike was a short stay resident at Zoku Amsterdam this past year.

What path has your career taken?

To keep my incredibly long story short I’m going to highlight a few of the important things. I was born & raised in Pennsylvania, until moving west at the age of 23 to chase a dream of becoming a professional snowboarder. I have competed in sports my entire life from wrestling, baseball, & soccer all the way to skateboarding, & snowboarding. The action sports were what stuck with me however. After being thrown out of college for snowboarding on campus I decided to make the move to Colorado to chase a dream of becoming a professional. Plenty of people thought I was crazy or that I would be back, that I couldn’t accomplish such a big goal. I write this now to you all today as a current Paralympic Gold Medalist. A Dew Tour Medalist, & Xgames podium finisher for adaptive skateboard history. I am also a current World Cup athlete who is training for the games in Beijing in 2022. I travel around the world with my rescue dog Max aka “Dinky”, feel free to follow us on our adventures.

What brought you to Amsterdam?

I had a snowboard World Cup in Landgraaf, NL, so we decided to spend our extra time in Amsterdam. As always though its our love for the city that keeps us coming back again and again. The culture, cuisine, lifestyle, and scenery are some of the many reasons that I would rate Amsterdam as one of my top 10 favorite cities.

How long have you stayed at Zoku Amsterdam and what were your thoughts?

We’ve stayed at Zoku Amsterdam a week in total, but look forward to our next visit. I liked the rooms and overall experience, the staff was extremely accommodating. I know Dinky loved the Lofts & definitely enjoyed watching out onto the streets of the city.

What’s a life-changing song, film, event or book you’d like to recommend to others?

We Should All Burn Together by Russ & Ed Sheeran. I was listening to this song when I won my Gold medal at the Paralympic Games in South Korea in 2018.

What advice would you give to your 20-year-old self?

The same advice I gave myself 9 ½ years ago. Jump & don’t look back.

If you could pick one project to work on for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

I definitely have already, and it’s my career. Hands down the largest project I’ve worked on.

What is one piece of advice or tip in your field of work that you want to give to people?

Never give up. My whole life is built on this statement. From wrestling as a child to my career now. This career path has had some really big highs and also some very big lows, never giving up on myself is what gets me through it all. It took me from dreaming, to doing, and showed me that anything is possible.

What does home mean to you?

Since I spend a majority of my time on the road home means a lot to me. To me it is a place where you can let go & slow down. Home is special to everyone in their own unique way.

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