Kim Smouter-Umans is the Head of Public Affairs and Professional Standards at ESOMAR, representing the interests of the data, research and analytics sector. Based in Brussels but travelling near-weekly to his HQ in Amsterdam, he defines a ‘resident’, having stayed with us over 60 times.

What is your role?

I lead a small team of experts who are responsible for leading advocacy efforts in front of governments and the general public and enforcing a code of ethical and professional conduct within our membership.

Why Zoku?

I’ve been in my job for over 5 years now, and during that time we have tried different accommodation options, from hotel chains like Novotel and Room Mate, to renting a function apartment. Each of them had disadvantages – especially as I travel so frequently.
Zoku proved to be a godsend. I appreciate the exceptional atmosphere very much – it is cosy but extremely professional and attentive to customer needs. The rooms are extremely well designed and well appointed – that pepper smell from the Marie-Stella-Maris soaps is such a signature. It’s the little touches that make Zoku such a pleasure to come back to – that plus the team’s willingness to work with my employer and I to find the best solutions.

Which book have you gifted the most, and why?

Strange as it may be, the book I have gifted the most was one of my own making, I write science-fiction novels and I love to gift my first and only finished ones to friends to see if they like it and whether they encourage me to write more.