Jamie North is a Client Partner (New Ventures) at 101 Ways, a product-focused technology consultancy.

What path has your career taken?

I chose not to take up my course at university. Instead, I have been working for 18 years now, across different sectors (insurance, recruitment and consultancy) in many different roles, albeit with a common theme, technology.

What brings you to Amsterdam? Why Zoku?

Following the success of 101 Ways in the UK, we decided to take our successes and ability to help others across Europe, starting with the Netherlands. We’ve been here for 1 year now, and gradually growing our presence.

As I live in Malta I travel every week and have been a long term ‘stayer’ at Zoku. Personally, I love how Zoku has a very friendly and casual yet professional approach. In the evenings the common area feels very much like a lounge, and unlike in regular hotels, if you want to retreat to your room, it’s not just a bed and TV, but you have the opportunity to cook in the kitchen, or even just relax in what feels like your own mini apartment. It’s a great combination!

What’s a life-changing book, song, film or event you’d like to recommend to others?

Wow, big question – the Power of Now is an outstanding book, because it helps you identify the negative impact that the little voice in your head can have. I’ve always been fairly positive, and those who are not as much can really gain from this book. It provides tips on how to find inner calm, and how to change your perspective on life around you, for the good.

Also, Lucky Man by The Verve is a cracking song – “I’m stood here naked with a smile on my face, feel no disgrace!” What a line…

What advice would you give to your 20 year old self?

Get close to technology and products ASAP! Also, when things are really difficult and it feels like what you’re doing just isn’t working, focus and try just that bit more, the rewards will come.