Catherine Price is an award-winning science journalist, speaker, consultant, and author of How to Break Up With Your Phone. Catherine’s company Screen/Life Balance is aimed at designing a life where you have control over the technology you use, creating a balance. Catherine was a short stay resident at Zoku Amsterdam for a few nights when attending The Next Web conference in Amsterdam.

What path has your career taken?

My career has gone in directions I never could have anticipated when I started out! I adhere to what a professor of mine called “creative drift”: do your absolute best at whatever it is you’re doing, and be open to opportunities as they arise.

How long were you a short stay Resident at Zoku Amsterdam, and what were your thoughts on the Lofts?

I stayed at Zoku Amsterdam for three nights, and left completely inspired. I want there to be a Zoku in my own city! (Philadelphia) I’m also curious as to what, exactly, I was supposed to do with the gymnastics rings.

What’s a life-changing book, song, film or event you’d like to recommend to others?

Well, this is somewhat biased, since I wrote it, but I’ve been very inspired by my own book, How to Break Up With Your Phone. It’s all about creating a healthier relationship with your devices, and the process of writing it has truly changed my life.

What advice would you give to your 20 year old self?

Keep the faith! Try to spend less time doubting yourself; it’ll all work out.

What does home mean to you?

A place where I feel safe, loved, secure and connected.

Which book have you gifted the most, and why?

This is going to sound strange, coming from an author, but the book I give the most frequently is actually blank. When my husband and I got married, his sister gave us a set of blank journals with simple instructions: every year on our anniversary, we were to write a letter to each other reflecting on the past 12 months. We’ve done so, and the journals are now two of our most valued possessions. So whenever a friend gets married, we carry the tradition forward by giving them their own set of blank books.