We’ve whipped up a few questions that we’d love for you to answer – in the name of getting to know you a bit better. So please fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

*Please note: Even though we love people from all over the world, we unfortunately don’t have the resources as a startup to request visas for people. Therefore, only EU residents or valid working and residence permit holders can apply.

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1. Tell us three things we should know about you (no longer than a tweet each):


2. What is your special superpower / funky feature / weird passion that, in your opinion, makes you stand out as a potential Meeting & Events Operational Supervisor?


3. Today a well-known tech company is hosting a hackathon in our event space. How are you going to make sure they make the most out of their event and leave Zoku with a big smile?


4. How would your friends describe you?


5. Why would you like to work at Zoku?


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Salaries are in accordance with Dutch hospitality standards.

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