Zoku is all about the warm welcomes and good vibes which is our Sidekicks main responsibility. They are there to connect, problem solve and be the go-to person for any guest who walks through the door. They are about getting people from A to B and far from the traditional idea of a waiter or receptionist. As a Sidekick, one day you could be welcoming residents, helping check them in and giving them the low down on Amsterdam; the next, be rocking it behind the bar, showing off your barista skills whilst serving and chatting with guests in the Living Room finally you finish your week running the front of house in our open concept Living Kitchen.

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Be an operational butterfly, ready and keen to fill any role given to you, from Bar, Rooms, Living Kitchen or Meeting and Events. As a Sidekick you are the first point of contact, the atmosphere creators and people carers. You are responsible for creating memorable moments with your amazing Latte art, firm hand shakes (or high-5) or beer recommendations.

Ultimately, we are in the business of making people feel happy, connected and cared about.

Below is a glimpse of the four main roles a Sidekick moves between…


Here you are the first person guests run into, you are the one taking care of them, checking them in/out, giving them the low down on all things good and answering any question that comes your way.



The bar is the social hub of Zoku and as bar Sidekick you will be at the centre of it. Serving guests quality coffees, giving great beer (or wine) recommendations all whilst acting as a social connector between residents, members and guests.


As the chef’s right hand you are there helping them run a smooth show, whether it be breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner. You are there welcome, assist and connect with guests and ensure that every person that walks through the Living Kitchen leaves with a smile on their face.


You are a connector and assistant, connecting guests to their meeting spaces and assisting them with anything they need during their day. Ultimately, supporting our Meeting and Events team to help create kick-ass events.

WE LOVE PEOPLE WHO... Must haves What's in it for you?
  • Have a background in service
  • Love to create unforgettable stays for guest, where they feel at home and connected to the not just the city but Zoku and our amazing community
  • Are ready to provide a whole new level of service
  • Bring the good vibes, friendly, approachable and open
  • Love going the extra mile for guests and adding that personal touch
  • Happily take on a broad scope of roles and responsibility
  • Love being a part of an amazing team of internationals
  • Have a passion for everything Amsterdam and love sharing their local tips and tricks
  • Don’t mind getting their hands dirty every once and a while (scrubbing down the kitchen, tidying up the greenhouse, spring cleaning the Living Room)
  • Have a can-do, entrepreneurial spirit that’s all about discovering new ideas and solutions
  • You are a student looking for a life altering experience as an intern. You can be studying at either MBO+, HBO/university or master degree level in the fields of Hospitality
  • You are fluent in both written and spoken English, other languages would be a plus
  • You are a EU resident or have a valid working and living permit for The Netherlands
  • You are flexible, as you’ll have no fixed working days/hours
  • You love to work hard, as we will need you full time
  • Internship allowance of €300 per month
  • Full time (40 hours) internship placement at one of the 25 coolest hotels in the world
  • 6 months internship minimum
  • 10 holiday days (per 6 months)
  • Exciting on the job training opportunities
  • Lots of cool benefits
  • No suit jackets and ties around here, we keep in cool and comfy with our uniform
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