WHEN? May 21, 2017
WHERE? Zoku's Event Space
15:00 - 17:30

Have you ever listened to an awesome TED Talk and thought “wow, I wish I could speak like that”? Us, too. So we’ve teamed up with PD Talks to teach you the skills, techniques and secrets of a TED speaker.

The masterclass will cover:

  • How to structure a good speech? What are key elements to a good speech writing?
  • How to make connection in the very first minute with your audience?
  • How to control nervousness while speaking?
  • How to use vocal variety in a speech?

About the Speaker: Saby (official name Sabyasachi Sengupta) is a reputed motivational and inspirational speaker in the Netherlands. He won the first prize in the Speeching Contest in 2015, being awarding first place in the Netherlands and in Europe. In January 2017 he gave his first big TEDx talk in India, and in April he won the Speech Evaluation contest. Saby’s strength is in delivering strong messages with humor; enjoys delivering fables particularly when his audience laughs along with him, learns from his words, and feels motivated.

Saby is dedicated to teaching people how to speak like everybody is listening. He develops and provides communication training for a variety of audiences, from corporate, brands and universities, to both professionals and beginners. Enhancing skill, confidence, and fun is always the objective. And now – he will be giving away all his tricks! In his talk he’ll teach you how to design the build up of a presentation that allows you to guide your audience well and convey your message effectively.

TICKETS | €10 per person. Sign up via Eventbrite here and for more information, view the Facebook event here.