WHEN? February 25, 2017
WHERE? Zoku's Living Kitchen

Join your new neighbors and friends for a delicious weekend brunch in Zoku’s Living Kitchen (we LOVE brunch!) for only €14,50 – and then get to know each other in a free, hands-on contemporary dance workshop lead by our very own Sidekick, Karin.

Karin was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden and moved to Amsterdam in 2009 to start her Contemporary Dance Program at the Theatre School in Amsterdam. After her graduation in 2013, she’s been working freelance as a dancer/performer for different choreographers in The Netherlands and internationally. She has recently developed an interest in how much impact the body has on our mind, and vice versa.

The workshop, titled ‘Communicating Bodies’ is based on methods of Contact Improvisation. It has been developed to introduce people to interact through movement and to look at body communication in a new light. It’s also a great way to take a break from your everyday routine and to embrace the ‘here and now’, even if it is just for an hour. You’ll learn how to stimulate creativity, improvise and make spontaneous decisions both as an individual, and as a group. No worries if you’re not much of a dancer – this workshop is all about stepping out of your own comfort-zone and having fun with each other.

Meet us for brunch at around 12:30, so you have plenty of time before the workshop starts in our event space at 14:00.