The days of planning your travels manually and making analog journeys are behind us. Modern travel is digital and connected – we travel light, and are always connected to the internet.  New technologies and applications are popping up all over, making traveling for business – whether for a quick trip or a short-term assignment – a stress-free, easy affair.

Zoku was born to make work, life and play easier and better for the international traveling professional who travel for either hotel or short stays. We have created a list of our favorite must-have apps, to give you a hassle-free trip from start to end. Whether it’s to track your expenses, or to find out where the locals hang, there’s an app to help you. Here’s our best picks that we recommend you download in time for your next trip…

TripIt – TripIt instantly organizes all of your travel plans for you in one place. By sending your travel confirmation emails to the TripIt address, the app will create your travel itinerary so you don’t have to (great for the chaotic minds among us!). Features include syncing your travel plans with your calendar and receiving real-time alerts on important information; such as flight delays and cancellations.

Revolut – This banking app allows you to receive real time exchange rates and spend for free. Revolut removes all currency exchange fees so you can send and spend globally with no extra charges. There are currently 11 currencies available, with more being added. The app is super easy to use, with the option of also ordering a physical card, and is the perfect companion for all travelers.

Evernote – Evernote is a note-taking app that allows you to organize your work and de-clutter your life. Features include taking notes in various formats (texts, sketches, photos, audio, PFDs and more) and using the camera to scan and digitize your paper documents. The app also lets you sync your notes across all of your devices, so that your important information is always easily accessible.

Slack – Slack is the perfect app for communicating with colleagues, in or out of the office. Organize team conversations in open channels, or communicate individually in private messages and calls. The app is available as both a phone app and a desktop app, making it super easy to connect to everyone wherever you are.

Meetup – Meetup is an app for bringing people together. It uses your location in order to recommend Meetups that are close to you and also allows you to create your own. Examples of Meetups include; Tech, Fitness, Photography, Language and thousands more, whatever your location.

CircleBack – The aim of CircleBack is to organize your contacts, simplifying the way in which professionals stay connected. The app keeps your address book up-to-date, by syncing to your email account(s) and automatically updating when contact information in your network changes.

HotelTonight – Hotels give HotelTonight their unsold rooms and they sell them on their app at amazing last-minute rates. Simply search the city you are in (or planning to be in) and find great rates, even a week in advance. Perfect for when your plans change or new opportunities arise unexpectedly.

ICE – ‘In Case of Emergency’ is an app that stores your important medical information for first responders and hospital staff to see in an emergency involving you. The app keeps a record of your insurance information, doctors’ numbers, medical conditions, allergies and more, that emergency services can view quickly (as well as giving you peace of mind when traveling).

CityMaps2Go – When travelling abroad, it’s easy to be hit by overseas charges and this can be an issue when you just want to check something out, such as nearby attractions. CityMaps2Go offers detailed maps and travel information that’s available from the moment you install the app, without needing to be online to use it. Bonus tip: You can also download a Google Maps city while still on Wi-Fi, so you have it available offline before you leave.

Cool Cousin – Cool Cousin is the app that aims to connect you – the traveller – with locals around the world – the ‘cousins’, to give you knowledgeable information that city guides and tours might not give you. The app will find locals in your area that have given recommendations on things to do, see and try. You can even message locals privately to get more information and personalised advice.

This list is just a selection of our top-rated apps, but still keep in mind the other, perhaps more obvious ones that will also help you out, such as Google Translate.